Wedding at Chateau Bouffemont: A Majestic Canvas

A Symphony of Love, Dance and Flowers at Chateau Bouffemont

Nestled against the breathtaking backdrop of Chateau Bouffemont, a timeless celebration of love gracefully took center stage. The event showcased a poised ballerina, a genuine couple, and breathtaking floral arrangements, weaving together a mesmerizing spectacle for all in attendance.

Chateau Bouffemont, a lavish 19th-century sanctuary located near Paris, is surrounded by picturesque gardens and adorned with opulent interiors, providing an idyllic setting for exquisite weddings and sophisticated events.

The Concept – A Dream Team of Suppliers

Beyond the beautiful flowers and pretty setting at this French wedding chateau, there’s a heartwarming story behind a carefully planned photo shoot. It was about making a visually stunning wedding and showcasing the amazing talent of skilled suppliers.

Picture a team with a creative photographer, an artistic florist, and a careful wedding planner (see list of suppliers) working together to create a nearly real-life wedding. Their combined skills and passion brought to life a romantic and gentle celebration inside the historic walls of Chateau Bouffemont.

The Elements  – A Ballerina Show

A lovely dancer joined the love party; each step felt like a dance of love. Next to her, a violinist played slow, romantic music, adding charm to the celebration. The ballroom had big 19th-century chandeliers and blue tapestry, creating a soft and romantic vibe.

The Design – Warmth and Elegance at Chateau Bouffemont

This French wedding chateau was the perfect place for this celebration of love. Its big walls, lovely gardens, and fancy atmosphere made it an ideal setting to celebrate love beautifully. The floral design became a captivating centerpiece of warmth and elegance. Additionally, the ballroom was decorated with flowers in warm colors like pink, yellow, and cream.

These colors made a striking contrast with the blue walls. The soft pinks feel sweet and loving, the yellows bring vibrancy and joy, and the creams add a touch of sophistication. Together, they created a timeless and romantic atmosphere.

List of Suppliers:

Venue: Chateau Bouffemont | Photographer: Franz le Douce | Wedding Planner: Wonderline | Florist: Wonderline | Videographer: Lana Karalus | Hair and Make Up: Jho Cruzat| Sationery: Ladum Papeterie | Bride’s Dress: Alina Marty | Groom’s Outfit: Chris Von Martial | Accessories: Sohelo Bijoux / Atelier Noemie Briand | Celebrant: Naim Terrache | Cake: Cakes by Meri | Entertainment: Ballerina de Paris / Le Violoniste | Transport: My prestige Transport | Shoes: Rudys Paris | Accessories: Acaris Location

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