A Romantic Wedding at Chateau de Champlatreux

The Epitome of Romance


This editorial takes place at Château de Champlâtreux, an 18th-century castle less than an hour from the heart of Paris. Against the backdrop of the lush outdoors, and within the opulent Salon Bleu, Julia Basmann and her team of talented suppliers brought to life a vision of a truly romantic wedding. Its ideal location, lavish interiors, and French-style gardens make Château de Champlâtreux an incredible wedding venue for extravagant fêtes and intimate weddings alike…

A harmonious blend of opulence and organic charm.

In envisioning the wedding ceremony, the backdrop of Salon Bleu unveiled an indoor garden. The walls, adorned with intricate blue carvings kissed by gilded accents, served as an exquisite canvas to nurture a flourishing garden – a harmonious blend of opulence and organic charm. The floral compositions danced in harmony with the architectural finesse of the walls, the marble fireplace, and the grand mirror. This choreography of design painted a tableau of intimacy, romance, and an undeniable flair.

A Symphony of Florals.

Within this interior oasis, a palette reminiscent of spring’s vibrant rebirth blossomed. Ranunculus, daffodils, and tulips joined forces, each a brushstroke in the grand tapestry of the season. The bride, a living embodiment of this glorious spring, cradled a bouquet that curated the best the season had to offer. A symphony of florals, a true ode to the bloom, graced her hands in a botanical embrace of rich textures and vibrant hues.


A Vision of Sophistication.

As for the bride’s attire, a peach-hued gown cascaded with tiers of pleated tulle, its front a gentle whisper while a sweeping train adorned its rear, a dramatic punctuation. The bodice, a flirtation of illusion tulle adorned with pearls, boasted a neckline that dared to plunge. To illuminate her presence, the bride’s ears bore delicate clusters of diamonds, each one a luminescent secret. The groom, a vision of sophistication, was adorned in bespoke finery by Chris Von Martial Paris, an ensemble that stands for Parisian elegance.

Every element of this styled shoot at Château de Champlâtreux encapsulates romance, offering a glimpse into the captivating possibilities of a fairy-tale wedding.



Venue: Chateau de Champlatreux | Planner: RSV Event Designs | Photographer: Julia Basmann | Bride’s Dress: Dylan Parentiry | Florist: Les Ephemeres | Groom’s Outfit: Chri Von Martial | Hair and Makeup: Tatiana Zinchuk | Videographer: Maria Kryvobok | Accessories: Artaner Paris

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