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A completely indulgent post today in more ways that one, as we are indulging in cake love!  Being one of the Top 100 wedding bloggers (it feels fabulous to be able to say that) I receive many emails daily with news on products and services, but when this email and video about Marcella Robin’s and her beautiful cakes popped into by inbox I was so enthralled that I watched it twice! This might have something to do with my own love of cake, did I mention that in one of my previous endevours I was involved in the world of baking?

Well anyway, Marcella Robin is owner, baker, and cake designer at MRobin Cakes in Portland, Oregon.  Marcella says: ” I have found cake design to be the perfect blend of my love for art and baking. While I prefer a traditional cake form, the process I use is creative and modern. After years of cake making and designing, my current focus is on entremet wedding cakes. These specialty cakes include layers of mousse, bavaroise, dacquoise, sponge cake, caramels, fruit and other fillings. With its bold design and enticing outer layer of decorative sponge cake, the entremet is unique and above all delicious.”

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Marcella is a recent graduate of the Professional Pastry and Bread program at the Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver in British Columbia,  also with a bachelors degree in sculpture.  Marcella’s entremet style cakes have been featured on Martha Stewart weddings and if you like baking or simply love cakes, be sure to watch the insightful video and see how these delights are created!

M. Robin – Cake Design from Cineastas

So what is an entermet cake? An entremet cake is a European style dessert cake also known as a torte. It is made with sponge cake, layered with a variety of creams, custards, and mousses. Entremets are made with close attention paid to the layering of texture and flavor.

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Well it is Friday, so time for cake and coffee anyone?

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