Convertible Dresses | Olivia Bottega

A convenient and sustainable solution

Olivia Bottega’s convertible dresses offer a convenient and environmentally friendly solution for brides who often purchase multiple dresses for different wedding ceremonies. Instead of investing in two or three separate dresses, our transformative designs enable brides to achieve the desired looks with just one dress. This not only saves them money but also reduces waste and promotes sustainability.

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By opting for an Olivia Bottega transformer dress, brides can enjoy the versatility of multiple styles and designs while significantly cutting down on expenses. Rather than spending $10,000 on multiple dresses, they can achieve the same stunning results by investing just $2,000. This cost-effective approach allows brides to allocate their wedding budget more efficiently while still looking absolutely radiant on their special day.

In addition to the financial benefits, choosing a transformer dress also contributes to a greener environment. By eliminating the need for multiple dresses, we reduce the consumption of resources and minimize textile waste. 

Olivia Botega

The Designer

Anastasia Nikiforova, the founder of Olivia Bottega revolutionized the bridal fashion landscape with her ingenious convertible dress concept. Her innovative approach has captivated brides worldwide, empowering them to conquer the challenges of multiple wedding ceremonies with grace and style. Anastasia’s dedication to creating beautiful, eco-friendly designs has made Olivia Bottega, a brand synonymous with elegance, convenience, and sustainability.

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