Bridal Beauty and Corona Virus

CareyHawkins CovidMakeup

It was the best of times……you know how the story goes.

This year has been challenging for everyone, let alone all the couples who have had to put their dreams of their perfect day aside, for a least another year or longer.

Everyone who works in the wedding industry in France loves what they do. To help bring about a magical day for special couples is our job and to not have been able to work to do that this year has been hard too. So, things are changing for wedding days, to keep not only you and your family safe, but all the suppliers too (and their families).

What will it be like to have my make up (and hair) done now?

Carey Hawkins Covid Makeup Model

Well all good artists will tell how to prepare for the big day and help you with timings, advice on skincare and how to wear your hair. Nothing has changed here apart from the fact there are now some important rules as to how we must work.

Hygiene has always been one of the most important factors for a make up artists since everything we use touches faces and our own hands. Now we must wear full PPE (this means a mask, face shield and sometimes gloves) to keep a close contact service safe for all.

You may be asked to wear a mask whilst for example, you are having your hair done (not while having your make up done – a little tricky!)

All our beautiful kits cannot be displayed but must always be kept covered. Kit that has been used must be kept separate to be cleaned. All powder-based products must be ‘ghosted’ which basically means picking some up on say, cotton wool, rather than dipping in and out of a product. You will be asked to provide your own mascara and maybe even eyeliner/lipstick, as liquid based products cannot be sanitised. Each client will have separate brushes which will be sterilised between clients.

Carey Hawkins Covid Makeup Kit

You must please not be afraid to speak up if you think proper hygiene practices are not being adhered to. Also, more importantly it can only be the Bride and MUA in the room together and anyone entering the room must wear a mask and the list continues.

Everything as you can see may take a little longer than normal. Schedules will have to be changed to accommodate this especially if you have more than one Bridesmaid having their make up done. But we will do everything we can to make this ‘new normal’ feel well, ‘normal’, fun, and safe.

So when you are in the midst of getting ready spare a thought for all the hardworking suppliers, who may need a break for some fresh air, a good drink of water or maybe a smidge of champagne if they are lucky!

Carey Hawkins is a Make Up Artist and Hairstylist living in France and has worked with brides since 2004 as well as working on a wide range of films and TV. She is a regular contributor to FWS. For more information visit:

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