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What type of bride are you?  What type of wedding do you want and more than that, what type of memories do you want of your big day?  These are all deep questions to start a post with, but I do believe that these answers, when answered honestly, can greatly help ascertain the type of wedding photographer to help capture your big day.

If you are a bride who is planning a large wedding, happy in the spotlight and is planning to submit to a blog or wedding magazine.  You know that you are looking for a certain aesthetic, with lots of detail shots in an editorial style.  If you are a demure bride, who shudders at the idea of being infront of the camera and wants images of you and your guests, you are looking for a different set of results.

There is no right or wrong to this, but knowing what type of wedding images that you want, can be the key to identifying the right photographer for you.  Someone whom you share chemistry with and who can feel more like a friend on your big day.

This is why the Meet the Experts series in The Study is so important to me, showcasing a range of photographers, all who are wonderful and suit different bridal styles.  It is with this that I am delighted to introduce you to my next wedding photography expert The Studio without Walls (what an awesome names it is).

Owner of The Studio without Walls Adrian, was hooked on photography at a young age, getting his first camera when he was 6.  As his love of photography and personal style developed, he also developed a love of photography throughout France and as you can see from the images below, he is just a genius at capturing the raw emotion of a day, that just jumps out at you from the image.

So I am delighted to introduce Adrian to you: “My future as a photographer was decided at the age of six when I was given my first camera. During my school years I became the photographer for the school magazine and even pestered the art teacher into setting up a cupboard in the art room as a darkroom for printing my black and white photographs, I still love black and white photos to this day. 

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After leaving school my early career as a professional photographer was working for an international photo agency often in France, this cemented my love of the country which remains today and I have been really lucky to travel throughout France over the years.

I love photographing France everything from misty days and wet cobbled streets in the North to the stunning light and red earth of the South. Most of all I love photographing weddings, they are all so different and it is really exciting to arrive at the venue with all the preparations under way, then to be able to photograph those moments of love and tears during the ceremony, the quirky little glances during the speeches and the fun of dancing the night away ………..

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For most of the time I prefer to photograph quite fast in a documentary style with composition, design and light an important part in my photography too. I often prefer black and white images, the absence of colour can tell a story more effectively sometimes. The time that colour comes into its own is when it is at its extremes, vibrant primary colours looks fantastic in a photograph as do the soft tones of a more muted image. 

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Most of the couples I photograph like to have a few formal photographs and these are usually appreciated by parents and family. I try to keep the photography of these to around ten to fifteen minutes so that the day isn’t held up for too long.

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I know that for the Bride and Groom their choice of photographer is an important part of their wedding day plans. Ideally it is great to be able to meet couples to chat about their ideas for their wedding day and the type of photographs they are looking for, sometimes distance presents a challenge but thanks to Skype things can be a little less difficult now.

Some brides and grooms like to do a photo shoot as a  ‘ warm up ‘ for the wedding day and these are usually relaxed and good fun, London at dusk is a favourite location for me, especially with Westminster Bridge or the Tower of London as a backdrop.

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Most of the couples I photograph like to have all of the images from the day in a high resolution digital format that they can print images from or share with friends and family on-line, this is my DVD only service and all the edited files are presented as a high resolution colour set, a high resolution black and white set and a low resolution web friendly set.

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In addition to the digital files some couples like to have a wedding album, the most popular albums styles are the Classic and Contemporary Albums. The Classic Album is a traditional style album with gloss prints and leather covers are available in a variety of beautiful colours and finishes. The Contemporary Album is a more modern book style album which looks fantastic with an acrylic photo cover and leather binding. There are also albums for parents, prints and lots of other products available, most of these can be seen on my web site. 

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There are usually around 650 – 850 images in the final edit and these are all uploaded to a gallery on my website and a coded link is sent through to the bride and groom for them to send out to their friends and relatives who can then access their images, orders can be sent through directly to me if required.

I’d love to hear from any couples getting married in France next year, I’m happy to travel to any of the French regions and will always give a total cost for both the photography and travel combined.

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The Studio without Walls is available for photography services throughout France be sure to view more of Adrian’s work on his website.

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