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Paris Photographer - Anniversary photo session in Paris

J’adore Paris – I mean how could you not! Paris is the playground, artistic canvas and home of the wonderful photographer that I am introducing you today in our Meet the Experts series – Fran Boloni as The Paris Photographer.

Moving to Paris was the catalyst for Fran’s love affair with photography and I always love when Fran sends me images. Fran has a real artist streak, a sense of fun and around his photography and not forgetting flair for the dramatic especially around his evening shoots.   Using the city as his backdrop, Fran works with fashionable couples who want their love story in Paris told in a ridiculously cute and fun way.  I am also delighted to say that The Paris Photographer has been nominated amongst the BEST engagement photographers in the world by June Bugs Weddings.

Let’s find out more about the creative mind behind the lens: “Fran Boloni The Paris PhotographerMoving to Paris inspired me to get into photography and capturing this city’s architecture and every day scenes seemed so attractive to me. Then at one point, destiny intervened and I assisted a well known European destination wedding photographer during a photo session with a bride and groom in Paris in 2011.

I was holding a light in one hand and the camera in the other. At that moment I got so attracted by taking pictures of couples and show their connection through beautiful images, that I started to learn everything about engagement and wedding photography and started The Paris Photographer.

Paris photographer first picture Eiffel Tower Paris

Being a wedding photographer requires wearing several hats,but the skill that makes you a fabulous wedding and portrait photographer is to truly care about your couples. This is why we spend so much time with our couples by Skype, over e-mail and prior to their event we always have a hot chocolate or wine together in Paris. This allows to get to know each other better and when we start taking their pictures we already feel like friends.

The other reason we care about our couples is because every single couple is different and they have different expectations of their pictures in Paris. Some of our couples want simple pictures, others want romantic and cute images, while others want more fun and silly pictures. Even if I have my own artistic vision and style, I adapt to every couple, by understanding precisely their expectations and work with them throughout the photography process to create pictures that matter to them as a couple.

Paris photographer couple photo session in Paris

I haven’t gone through the process of choosing a wedding photographer but that’s as it is early to think about  for my girlfriend and me (yes, I’m still waiting for my girlfriend to propose!).  We know that we want a photographer with a modern artistic vision and who is prepared to take us beyond the cliché.

That being said, we are already getting ready for our wedding photos. We we did an experiment and had a fellow photographer take couple pictures of my girlfriend and me at the Eiffel Tower. This allowed me to realize just how much the photographer should be involved in the process and what directions he should provide. It’s not easy to let go and get comfortable instantly, especially if you are a shy person. That’s why a good photographer should constantly communicate and encourage his couple to get comfortable and have fun during the photography process.

Paris photographer Paris engagement photographer

We specialize in intimate destination weddings in Paris as that is where we are based, but also in the rest of France. We are sought out by stylish and fashionable brides who want to have fun and get pictures that they’ll cherish for the rest of their lives.

Working with a destination couple doesn’t differ much from a domestic couple, just that all the preparation takes place online (via Skype and by e-mail). We focus on perfect preparation to enhance the flow on their big day. We always encourage our brides to evaluate the connection we have during our conversations and exchange inspiration images to make sure we provide precisely the type of images they dream about.

Photographer fun weddings

We also encourage our couples to book an engagement photo session in Paris, offering them a unique opportunity to discover the city of lights from a different perspective, have fun, get comfortable with their photograher and take photos that will charmingly complement their wedding pictures.

Depending on what type of event we are capturing, our favorite moments are different. For photo sessions, our favorite part is when during the taking pictures process, the couple becomes totally comfortable with us and let’s their inner child come out to play. That’s when they have the most fun and when we take the best pictures !

Paris Photographer couple having fun in typical Parisian cafe

Our favorite part of a wedding from the photographers point of view is the reveal. It is one of the moments richest in emotions during a wedding and I personally believe men are the most expressive when they get emotional.

The funniest story that happened to me is from a 25th wedding anniversary photo session we captured last year of a fun couple from Florida, US. The bride  wore her mothers wedding dress from 1949 (see the picture below) and it was very fragile, so every time she accidentally walked on it  the dress was tearing apart. When moving from one location to another in Paris, she needed to sew it together. It was one of our most fun photo sessions and that couple gave me the best lesson for my love life.

Paris photographer - 25th wedding anniversary in Paris

The best thing about being a photographer for destination weddings in Paris is that we meet so many interesting and fun people and at the end of the day we become friends. I just wish we had enough free time to pay a visit to every couple inviting us over to their country.

Paris photographer Paris elopement

We create real photographs of remarkable people and we are best known for our creative Paris photo sessions like engagements, honeymoons and love anniversaries. We also specialize in intimate destination weddings and wedding vows renewals in Paris.

Paris photographer pre wedding session Eiffel TowerThe Paris Photographer night Alexander 3

Here at The Paris Photographer we like to have perfect preparation, that’s why we spend a lot of time with you on Skype and by e-mail.  We also look for inspiration to understand precisely what are your expectations from your Parisian adventure.

We want to make sure that on the Big Day you are completely relaxed and that you’ll enjoy fully your photographic experience in Paris. We also take you on a tour in the most romantic city in the world and allow you to experience every possible emotion, while telling your story with photos that matter to you as a couple and that you will cherish forever.

The kiss and the rose

We would be honored to take your pictures in Paris, so get in touch quickly !”

Fran offers his wedding photography services throughout France so if you are planning a wedding in Paris or in rural France be sure to view more of Fran’s work on his website.

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  • His photos are just amazing! I love his work and even use some photos as wallpapers 😛 I’m thrilled that I have been photographed by this expert! great job!

  •  I met Fran 14 years ago, when we were studying in France and discovering this beautiful country. Man those were the days! Since back then I discovered that Fran is very charismatic, creative and funny, with very good sense of humor. I’m not surprised at all that having all these good qualities and together with his passion for photography made him such a popular and appreciated photographer! So if you’re planning a memorable honey moon, wedding photos, anniversaries and you want to mix it up with a city tour in a funny and unique way, all of it will be captured on his amazing photos! I guarantee you’ll never regret it!

  • Well, somehow, you were meant to be here, just like love is an accident waiting to happen.
    After all, this is what it’s all about in his photos, right? Love.

    Keep up the good word, Fran!

  • I had the pleasure of experiencing an incredible photo shooting signed Fran Boloni.

    After rainy days and cold weather, the sun finally came out in Paris, letting me and my boyfriend (who was visiting Paris) enjoy a lovely sunset in front of the Eiffel Tower while Fran was taking our pictures.

    We laughed, we had fun, it was an amazing experience. My boyfriend and I felt excellent with Fran, who, despite the fact that he had just caught a cold and wasn’t feeling very well, made us laugh, gave us crazy ideas for the next “kind of photo” and helped us find the best ways to pose and smile in order to get perfect photos at the end.

    The hardest part was choosing which photos to send back for edit, as we loved them all. We tried to pick 5 photos, but then we had to go for 10 and needless to say that we ended up sending Fran more than 20 photos (and we secretly still would have wanted more!).

    Fran is not only an amazing photographer but also one of the kindest and nicest people I know. I guarantee anyone will enjoy every second in his company!

    So go ahead, book your photo shooting now!!

  • My awesome teacher ! proud of your work and wait for the day comming to be your model with my man, soon, soon ! but you will be available for us?

    So much love!

    Good luck to you <3

  • Whether you choose a wedding, engagement or simple photo shooting session with The Paris Photographer you will get a lot more. It will not be just a photo shooting session, but a great experience that you will remember forever. The professional preparation, creative ideas, excellent communication and friendly approach will make you not regret choosing Fran.

  • FRAN IS THE BEST! My husband and I celebrated our 25th anniversary by renewing our vows in the city of light. Fran made the day beyond perfect for us. We had so much fun on our photo shoot… it was like a fairy tale. I’m still not sure how the stars came together to bring us Fran first as our photographer, and now our friend, but it is almost a year later and I am still showing the photos off to anyone willing to look! I think his photos are so amazing because he cares as much about sharing the couples’ emotions and personalities as the couples do themselves and this comes across in every photo shoot he does. He gets a perfect 10 rating from us!

  • It was a pleasure for me to read this article and to get to know a little about what stays behind the magnificent pictures of which I click several times a day the “i like” item on Fran’s facebook page for I am honored to have him amongst my friends.

    One of my favorite ways of spending my spare time is watching pictures. I confess that I don’t usually watch wedding pictures other that my friends’ but I do enjoy watching Fran’s.

    I love them because he really gets to capture all the unexpressed deep feelings in an image, in the sparkling of the eyes or in the touching of the hands. In short, Fran knows how to capture the magic of love in a magical city.

    I like a photo if it “speaks”. And Fran’s photos tell without words tales of romance in all the languages of the world. They speak of ” la vie en rose”, of happiness, of warmth and above all, of the most wonderful feeling in the world, the one which is above all when nothing else is left, LOVE.

  • My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Fran on capturing our wedding anniversary photos on our trip to Paris this April, and I can honestly say it was the best way to celebrate our relationship in the City of Love. Yes, we are one of the couples you can see above…I won’t say which one! 😉 What was initially a simple photo shoot grew into an epic all-day photo extravaganza, complete with two wardrobe changes and eight different Paris locations. But best of all, it became an experience we will never forget. The entire day was thoughtfully planned out with Fran over secret Pinterest boards and many emails, all culminating in a perfect execution with plenty of fun and an instant friendship. We truly felt as relaxed as if an old friend was taking our photos…except that this friend actually knows what he is doing with the camera! 🙂 If you are planning a trip to Paris, I say skip the cheap souvenirs and take home photos and memories that will last a lifetime and IMHO Fran is the perfect guy to capture it all. Thank you, Fran, again for everything and congratulations on your recent successes. You deserve it all and more! Neda & Nik

  • Fran is great! You can’t get enough of his pictures and you have to love the story every picture tells. 🙂 Keep up the great work!

  • I happen to be the fellow photographer who has had the opportunity to shoot a session for Fran and Oana at Trocadero 🙂 Ever since I’ve moved to Paris Fran has been great at sharing his tips and experience at working in Paris and I am very appreciative at how much planning he puts into his shoots. He goes out of his way to find the little hidden streets of Paris, the cafes that will be the most Parisian or brings a bunch of balloons to the shoot just to make sure his couples are getting the best most fun experience. In short – if I ever want a session in Paris, then Fran will be the guy to capture it for me without a question!

  • If you look for the word “passion” in a dictionary, for sure you will find a picture made by Fran! Keep doing what you do, whit passion my friend, as you have always done.

  • Working with Fran is simply amazing. You feel his passion for what he does and passion never fails.

    Fran is always himself, he expresses himself through his work and he has faith in himself. I admire how Fran never looks for a successful personality to duplicate, but infact he creates his unique voice, style and definitely brand.

    The price he pays for his success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether he wins or lose, he has applied the best of himself to the task at hand.

    For this reason, I have committed to working with Fran on all my projects, he is an extremely talented individual who I see evolving more and more which is amazing.

    I am extremely happy for the recognition he is receiving for his breath-taking work, excited to see even more growth and definitely working even more together. Congrats Fran “THE PARIS PHOTOGRAPHER!”

    Tonicia Gilkes
    Paris Weddings by Toni G

  • It’s so nice when you see someone who has actually found his way (it’s much more than passion and talent in his case) and devotes his life to it!
    What I admire about Fran is that he has this sensibility to use his technical and artistic skills / talent while listening and adapting to each couple’s personality and wishes, making every photo session unique. My husband and I have been photographed by him and can’t wait to renew the experience, to enjoy an extraordinary day in Paris, having lots of fun and in the end to have great pictures of all that! Not only we feel comfortable with him (my husband is not the kind of person who loves being photographed, and somehow Fran made him overcome his shyness and actually really enjoy it!), but he keeps having new ideas, improving, and making amazing photographs!
    Thanks Fran and congratulations on your success! You deserve it, keep doing what you do best – translating love into art!

  • If you need a romantic photograph, also fun, interactiv and professional, stop looking, he already exist, is Fran!
    He is the perfect photograph for all your unique moments. Trust him, he will always capture the perfect moment for you!
    I love Fran, TheParisPhotographer!

  • Great things happen to those who look for perfection…I am so happy i have met you and learned a lot of things from you…KEEP AMAZE US!!!

  • Wow, Fran!
    I am very pleased to read this because we’ve known each other through the unexpected crossroads of life and my family and I kept the memories of those moments with the beautiful photographs you presented us!
    That later developed into amazing photos of my sister’s wedding! And now, every time I see there are new photographs of the Paris Photographer I rush to see them, with a nice cuppa, because it’s enjoyment time!
    Every photo session brings the couple’s identity, with an astonishing artistic eye though!
    Your photographs are brilliant!
    Congratulations! Keep it up!!