Rainy Chateau de Lisse wedding

walking out the wedding chapel • Images by Simon WhittenTwo weeks in a row Simon Whitten photographed same-sex couples for a Chateau de Lisse wedding! He really captured so much joy from this wedding, we can’t wait to see them both. You have to take a peek… 

love is love rainbow in the sky • Images by Simon Whitten

indian gay groom • Images by Simon Whitten groom getting ready • Images by Simon Whitten There was more than a bit of déjà vu about Anant & Chris’s wedding. Just 7 days prior, I was at the same venue, Chateau de Lisse, shooting another same-sex wedding! Both were so incredible. Sometimes coincidences just happen like that but whereas the previous week, it was a couple from Norway that came to South West France, this weekend it was a couple from the USA and India with very contrasting weddings. grooms at their castle wedding • Images by Simon Whittenbutton holes for two grooms • Images by Simon WhittenMost of my clients are having a destination wedding weekend and Anant & Chris’s France Rainbow Wedding (rainbow references coming shortly) was just that and lasted a number of days of which I attended two of! castle stone • Images by Simon Whitten cateau de lisse • Images by Simon Whitten celebrant • Images by Simon Whitten ceremony • Images by Simon WhittenThe first thing we should start with is the weather. The forecast had been predicting Summer but it was anything but so Anant & Chris’s outdoor wedding went indoors. We did get some outdoor time, but mostly the weather was against us. seats for ceremony • Images by Simon Whitten walking around the royal castle • Images by Simon WhittenThe wedding day itself was planned by UK based wedding planners, Matthew Oliver Weddings headed up by Bertie and his colleague Ceri. Most of the day took place indoors using the on-site chapel with amazing flowers by Veronique at Poesie d’un Jour. The ceremony was conducted by Chris’s Uncle.  A cellist, Graham Brown, played beautifully for both the ceremony & drinks reception. castle ceremony • Images by Simon Whitten cheers • Images by Simon Whitten grooms are royal • Images by Simon WhittenRose petal confetti followed with drinks outside on the terrace under glowering but mostly dry skies with fabulous canapes by The Impeccable Chef, Jean-Marc. cocktail oysters • Images by Simon Whitten oysters • Images by Simon Whitten grooms in love • Images by Simon Whitten table top love • Images by Simon Whitten speeches in France • Images by Simon WhittenThe meal & speeches took place in the formal dining room which, was always a challenge as it used to be dark wood panelled but was painted off-white and transformed a few years back and now works really well! live music in a castle • Images by Simon Whitten launghing at toasts • Images by Simon Whitten indian guests • Images by Simon Whitten indian family wedding • Images by Simon Whittencutting the cake two grroms two cakes • Images by Simon Whitten Finally, the ‘rave cave’ was set up for dancing, but determined to do at least something outdoors, the first dances took place in the evening converted horse box bar area and the girls put on a Bollywood style flash mob dance which was so fun!castle at night • Images by Simon Whitten dancing together castle side • Images by Simon WhittenAnd then there was the rainbow. The day prior, at our meeting, I’d suggested to Anant & Chris that post-meal, but prior to the first dance, if the opportunity allowed, we should do a few sunset ‘golden hour’ shots. It was mostly wishful thinking, but being positive etc.. Well, it happened!two cakes • Images by Simon WhittenAfter a day of relentless grey weather (punctuated by the Indian colors), right on cue, the sun burst through for approximately 5 minutes. There were a few drops of rain and you can see those in the pictures and the reward was not just those pictures, but a fabulous rainbow!walking into the entrance of chateau • Images by Simon WhittenThis wedding was perfect despite the rain and ended with the perfect symbol of love, a rainbow! We just love it!

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Rainy Chateau de Lisse Wedding Snapshot:

Rainy Chateau de Lisse wedding Snapshot • Images by Simon Whitten

Rainy Chateau de Lisse Wedding Vendor Details:

| Photographer Firehorse Photography | Florist  Poesie d’un Jour.com | Planner Matthew Oliver Weddings| Venue Chateau de Lisse |