Fine art wedding in Toulouse France

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Toulouse, France: A Canvas for Fine Art Weddings

Today on the blog we have a fine art wedding in Toulouse France, created by a talented group of professionals trained by the Wedding Academy. Fine art gave the planners an inspirational thought around the story of two people – Amber and Guillaume. Set in the countryside of Toulouse, Chateau de Drudas has been transformed into a modern, chateau chic wedding design. We love all the little details for this shoot, which have been photographed beautifully by Lucile Vivès. Let’s get into the details…

At the end of our wedding planner training, organised by the Wedding Academy, we had to organise a inspiration wedding on the theme of ‘fine art’. So we imagined – Amber and Guillaume. Amber, a businesswoman working in Toulouse, was very taken by her work and has never found love. Finally, during a social event, she met Guillaume. It was “La rencontre”, which leads them today to say “yes”. They are beautiful, sweet and their eyes filled with love.

elegant bridal photo

bride in tiara and robe

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elegant chateau bride

This wedding was to take place on the countryside of Toulouse, in the beautiful Chateau de Drudas. This was where the couple has chosen to celebrate their elegant wedding. A refined decor design, combining lightness, elegance, brightness and natural colours was envisioned by them.

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pale blue groom suit

buttonhole white rose

Flowers with soft pastel touches combined with finely crafted jewels. A carterie thought in the smallest details which created a style to match the personalities of this married couple. Amber put her dress up and her future husband radiating joins her.

french bridal bouquet

romantic chateau bride

bridal perfume detail

bridal shoes with florals

The suspense of discovering the turn of this grand staircase, a first look charged with emotion. The table set to share a refined and convivial moment, a nude cake for the greedy touch, everything is thought through for a successful wedding.
To accompany them, was a pretty little bridesmaid with her wreath and her little princess dress.

chic wedding table decor

bridal dress back details

After saying yes, a romantic getaway in a luxury old car offers a little bubble of romance to our lovers, a love break in a fast-paced day. They abandon their guests, to fly on a honeymoon at the wheel of this magnificent vintage car, which sums up the French charm.

elegant white car wedding

elegant modern couple

modern france wedding

modern chateau france wedding

After writing the story, matching the theme imposed by our trainer, we created a mood-board to perfectly match the colour concepts of the design. We then started looking for the different providers that would understand the style of shoot we wanted to create. Our choice of service providers was chosen carefully, especially for the photography part, which consisted of needing someone who could create a modern, bright and sleek style. The well known Lucile VIVES joined us and has demonstrated the full extent of his talent, with sublimation of elements to pastel colours, bright, soft and natural.

white wedding car

white vintage car wedding

Regarding the location of the shooting, our choice naturally fell on the Château de Drudas, located in the heart of Occitanie between Toulouse and Montauban. A setting dated from the 18th century, which combines stucco, ornament, friezes, frescoes, period parquet and precious wall hangings. The Chateau an authentic charm and which bring us the natural luminosity and the refinement proper to an architectural work.

elegant floral arrangement

chateau chic couple

elegant wedding table

fine art wedding table

For the place of the festivities, we opt for a decor with clean lines. We used a muslin table runner, flower arrangements, made by us, under the benevolent eye of the Atelier de Gali M. Pastel colours such as Viburnum, Buttercups and White Anemones, highlighted by pale pinks and a touch of Eucalyptus which colour perfectly suited the theme. A few white candles brought the luxurious touch to it. The dishes provided by Domaine Michaud and Option Toulouse complemented the reception table.

french chateau place setting

floral table runner design

white table runner decor

The stationery collection that Grenier de Pauline has provided creative announcements in the respect of the theme for a rendering of the most beautiful effect. The Nude Cake, being made in all simplicity by Marie Arvidsson ensuring that it is authentic and natural, also emphasizes the decoration and completed our staging.

gold elegant place setting

french art stationery

flay lay stationery

fine art stationery

fine art french stationery

french naked cake

white naked wedding cake

For the beauty, Marinella Mariage, designer of dresses who has magnified our model Léa, with a dress in straight cut all lace. The talented English hairdresser Annette Car was responsible for making a tailor-made bun, decorated with a cold porcelain hair accessory, made available by the designer Rachel Suhubiette.

romantic chateau chic couple

outdoor france wedding

outdoor france chateau

All these details have been retained including nude makeup with golden eyes to bring out the brown eye of our model, to keep the humble and chic. As for the groom, he wore a four-piece Camilliano suit, a symbol of elegance and refinement, whose Italian cut perfectly matches the style of our model, Olivier. Finally, our bride and groom went off in a great vintage car, kindly loaned by Vagabonde.

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This fine art wedding photo shoot was created and organised by the students of the wedding academy, a prestigious training school for the wedding professions. Marion Gary Sophie Poulet (life to dream events) Eleanor Grynfelltt Monique Nicolas Charlene Tisseyre Naomi-esmée DANEN (Domaine Michaud) Anne The franc Mélanie Thuillet Accompanied by their trainer Sarah of Exclusive wedding the students thank all the team of service providers who contributed to the photo shoot.

Fine art wedding in Toulouse France Snapshot

Fine art wedding in Toulouse France Snapshot

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