Elope To Vieux Lyon

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Today French photographers and videographers Instant Shooting are sharing the story of one of their inspirational shoots, an early spring Elope To Vieux Lyon.

A real love story, models Éléonore and Nicolas have been together in real life for almost 5 years. The “newlyweds” feelings for each other are clearly seen within every little moment and amplified by the beautiful backdrop of colours and grandiose décor…

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“The story takes place in the centre of Lyon, not far from the famous Place des Terreaux. The day begins with their arrival at the hotel in which they have decided to unite, in a passionate love elopement.

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Arrived in their lovely bedroom with four-poster bed, they are getting ready for their wonderful day, she puts her make up on alone in the bathroom while he dresses up.

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The preparations are carried out gently and emotionally, Nicolas helps Éléonore to button the back of her wedding dress.

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Our lovebirds then write their wishes on a little table in their room, read it to each other and, then take advantage of the bar. They taste macaroons and a glass of champagne while devouring each other’s eyes.

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After that, they leave for church where they exchange their wedding rings and and vows, before being showered with white rose petals.

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They take advantage of the old alleys of the Vieux Lyon to discover the city and take some couple photos, before returning to the hotel for their candlelit dinner.

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The day is almost over, but they don’t want their dream to end, they ask for a cocktail at the bar and relax by the pool before heading to their room!

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Éléonore and Nicolas Elope To Vieux Lyon Snapshot

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