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On a rainy day in July our couple celebrated their love with a rustic summer Domaine du Beyssac wedding captured by Jesus Caballero Photography.

From rustic barns and a majestic cloister to relaxed florals we love all the countryside touches. We’ll now pass you over to our gorgeous couple who will be walking us through their Rustic Domaine du Beyssac wedding…

Domaine du Beyssac

After some summer holidays at the French countryside from Belgium, we start dreaming of a nice location for our wedding two years in advance. After visiting some venues in some quick travels, we went through the Domaine du Beyssac for the rustic cloister and the countryside spirit of the barn and the building. We were looking for a place to rest and enjoy with friends and family before and after the wedding, and Michelle was so perfect anfitrion!

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All the ceremony and reception was planned at the outside, with the beautiful cloister as background, but we had some heavy summer storms the days previous the wedding. So the wedding day we needed to move the ceremony to the big room, but Michelle and the florist Les Ideales made so cosy and beautiful arc with wood and flowers everywhere, so it was really special and nice to us.
I (Desiree) did my own make up and my maid of honor did the curls in my hair. She put a beautiful flowers crown on my head, a perfect boho touch.

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Dries ́brother was the ceremony master. During the ceremony we had speeches from both our moms and our witnesses. We had a laugh, a cry, it was beautiful. After the ceremony there was the reception. We had an extra long reception because we wanted to keep it young, instead of sitting at a table for the whole night. I am a ballet teacher and during the reception I had three of my dancers doing small performances.

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Dries and I learned to get to know each other at a BBQ of mutual friends. The spark was there right away. But after the BBQ Dries was on a work holiday for more than 3 weeks. We texted a lot, like teenagers in love, and then the first date finally came: I picked him up from the airport. I was so nervous for our first date that I fell out of my car (type minivan) and I had a bruise all over my thigh. Weeks later people in yoga class still asked me if I was OK in my home situation, so it was a pretty nice bruise! So the dates went on and on and we became a happy couple. After being together for more than 1.5 years, we went on a trip to Eindhoven in The Netherlands, and Dries got down on one knee. It was a really nice moment and we celebrated during the whole weekend.

Fun fact: a week later I got an allergic reaction to something and my face was swollen up pretty nice. Not a nice sight! I cried my eyes out, meanwhile saying to Dries: You are still going to marry me, right? Even with this face?

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Then there was a nice dinner and a hell of a party with everyone ending up in the pool.

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Top Tips:
Tip 1: Take your time! We took more than two years, and that’s also why we could make the best decisions! Also money wise it is a convenient tip. You get to spread the costs. It’s a cliché: but enjoy every little moment of it! It’s so true that it’s over in a jiffy!
Tip 2: Do your wedding dance a few times over in your own kitchen
Tip 3: Don’t be afraid to #weddingspam instagram all over the place

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