Perfect Wedding Day Hair

Perfect Wedding Day Hair

We’re excited to reveal how to get the perfect wedding day hair in today’s blog post by French Wedding Style vendor Carey Hawkins, a talented Make Up Artist and Hairstylist in France.

So you’re going to have a professional photographer at your wedding, that will produce stunning images to adorn your walls for years to come and you want the perfect wedding day hair that you’ll look back on in 30 years and think WOW I look amazing on my wedding day! To help you create your beautiful wedding look we have enlisted the expertise of Carey Hawkins to offer us some invaluable advice regarding your wedding day locks…

A great hairstylist will help you achieve your perfect wedding day hair. The healthier your hair, the better the outcome will be for your chosen do. Some work (and a little money) will pay dividends for you to have shiny, swishy hair in time for your wedding. Even if you start two weeks before, your hair will still look and feel better.

Here are some hair tips to help you get closer to your #hairgoals.

Don’t make a last-minute dash to the hairdressers for a trim hoping your hair will come out looking amazing. Book in for regular trims and ideally have your colour topped up about two weeks to ten days before the wedding to allow your hair to settle.

Perfect Wedding Day Hair Ideas

What about vitamins? There are lots of specific hair targeted vitamins on the market. Try to up your intake through your diet. Best foods for your hair? Avocados, oily fish, nuts – all the usual ‘superfood’ suspects. If you feel you need more help Omega 3 supplements encourage hair growth and nourish the scalp. Try Vertesse Vegan Omega 369 Oils. (Always check with your Doctor before taking additional supplements)

Invest in a great hair mask and us it every week in the run up to the wedding (just not the night before the wedding!) Also learn how to wash your hair correctly. Amazing how many ladies are lazy with a quick wash and go. For super shiny hair wash in lukewarm water. Massage in shampoo to encourage blood flow to the scalp and rinse (and rinse again!) Devote one or two minutes to this. Don’t rush. Condition from the mid lengths down – not on the scalp. Use a gentle shampoo for your hair type.

If your style choice for the day is an up do and you need more volume start using a volumizing shampoo and conditioner, which will help your stylist. Good value and good results from the range L’Oréal Elvive Fibrology. However tempting do not wash your hair the day of the wedding as clean hair does not curl as well or hold a style and needs tons of product to get it to stay put. If you are thinking of extensions (temporary or permanent) speak to your stylist as this can limit what styles can be offered for the hair.
If you find your hair misbehaving when you reach your destination stick with your usual shampoo and conditioner but try washing and rinsing your hair in bottled water. Normally the different minerals in the water cause changes to the hair texture feel – some city waters are amazing others not so!

To ramp up the shine and tame the frizz in humid conditions try Color Wow Dreamcoat spray on damp hair and blow dry. This will leave your locks ultra smooth but not greasy.

Carey Hawkins is a Make Up Artist and Hairstylist living in France and has worked with brides since 2004 as well as working on a wide range of films and TV. She is a regular contributor to FWS. For more information visit:

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