Energy Boosting IV Treatment

Energy Boosting IV Treatment for brides

Today on the blog we are looking at a different option for combatting the stress of wedding planning, and we are doing that with energy-boosting IV Treatment.   Recently our Editor Laura Payne-Stanley went along to the REVIV Wellness center in London to experience what an IV Treatment was and the benefit during wedding planning.

Upon arriving at the centre I was met with a wonderful nurse who provided a consult to assess my needs.  I was booked in for a VitaGlow treatment, which helps with anti-aging.  It contains a high dose of the master antioxidant glutathione and fights free radicals that attack the elasticity of the skin – a sure-fire way to restore the skin to optimum health and appearance.

Energy Boosting IV Treatment for Entrepreneurs

For the squeamish, you do need to have a need inserted into your veins.  This is as the name suggest, the IV therapies go straight into the bloodstream and have a 100% absorption rate and get to work to replenish your hydration levels, restore your vitamin and nutrient balance, refresh your cosmetic appearance.

Energy Boosting IV Treatment VitaGlow by Reviv

Following on from the treatment which only took under 30 minutes I was out the door and feeling great onto another meeting.

On the taxi ride to the next meeting, I did notice that I felt a little dizzy, but that could have been the early 3:30 am start rather than the treatments themselves.

So what did I notice with my hair and skin the following days?

Certainly even by later that evening, my skin was glowing.  Even when removing my makeup, it still had the dewy, vibrant and fresh look to it.  Something that normally disappears after a day in London and train travel.

In the next couple of days I also noticed that I needed less foundation and makeup in general and I did look and feel that my skin was brighter and glowing.

Hair wise – I am not blessed with gorgeous thick hair, however following the treatment, my hair did feel almost like when I have a direct hair treatment.  Thick, nourished and more manageable.

IV Therapy for wedding planning

Energy Boosting IV Treatment and beauty boosters

So would I have an IV Treatment again?

Absolutely and I have looked at the other IV therapies to have including the MegaBoost and the vitamin B12 Booster shots that Reviv also offers.

Energy Boosting IV Treatment MegaBoost by Reviv

Whether wedding planning or adding this into self-care for 2020, it is a yes from me!!




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