Chanel style wedding in Cannes

A chic touch on the French Riviera

Inspired by the high-end brand Chanel, this wedding in Cannes has everything we are looking for with a chic touch on the French Riviera. It has glitz and glam in a subtle and modern way that made this wedding feel so luxurious. Marine Kulak with Bon Mariage has all the details for us today…

Breathtaking sceneries combining mountains and sea

I would like to present you a wedding photo-story of Marie-France and Adrien – a couple living in Paris that have chosen to have their special day in a picturesque region of French Riviera. It is no wonder French Riviera is attracting so many people: warm, almost magic light, aquarelle of Mediterranean, and breathtaking sceneries combining mountains and sea.

It was also a moment of nostalgic feeling

If it is not a paradise, then it is very close to one. As an addition to that, the bride’s grandparents are living on the coast so at some level it was also a moment of nostalgic feeling. The ceremony took place in the cathedral in the very heart of the old town of Antibes. We absolutely love it here. Needless to say how elegant the bride looked as she was entering a cathedral wearing a classy white gown by Rosa Clara.

The couple has chosen chic Le Bénitier Beach

After spending some time in the old town of Antibes with a special ambiance, we moved to another gem of a location on the French Riviera called Cannes. In order to get as much ambiance of French Riviera as possible, the couple has chosen chic Le Bénitier Beach – so literally the guests can put their feet in the sand. But wait a minute – aren’t the guests on high-heels?

Specially customized flip-flops with the names of the couple on them

Yes, they sure are! But we don’t want them to be worrying about anything this evening – so we arranged specially customized flip-flops with the names of the couple on them. Our elegant bride is working for Chanel so it is no wonder that all the decorations, accessories and flowers were picked with great attention and were at the same moment chic and iconic.

A list of French railway lines to name the tables

Guests were coming all over France to celebrate with this duo. Our couple decided to choose a list of French railway lines to name the tables. Paris-Riviera, Paris-Mont-Blanc, Paris-Honfleur, etc and add gorgeous white flowers to them. Of course, every guest got to take home their own piece of the south with olive oil from Provence. The magical end of the day was overlooking the sea and only lit by candles, which created an emotional and romantic atmosphere that these guests and couple will not soon forget.


Congrats to this couple! All of the vendors involved did a great job on creating this special day, we think it was just perfect!

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Chanel Style Wedding in Cannes Vendor Details:

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