Planning Your Dream French Vintage Wedding [Updated 2023]

Vintage Romance in Paris

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Theme

One of the first steps of wedding planning, aside from choosing the perfect location and setting the budget, is picking out a theme for it. Modern and simple styles are quite the rave at the moment, but the vintage aesthetic is a wonderful way to introduce elegance to your celebration while showing off your refined style. However, planning a vintage wedding also means paying attention to essential elements in such a theme.

Embracing the Vintage Aesthetic for a Timeless Celebration

To that end, we have created this article to discuss the elements you should include in your vintage wedding. These simple yet highly important details will pay homage to the past, resulting in an event that will be remembered for a lifetime. From the attire itself to the venue and the fine details, read on to find out all the essentials for creating an ethereal event embraced in old-time glamour.

Vintage wedding car

What is a vintage-style wedding?

It is a wzdding style that captures the aesthetics of a past period of history. This results in a timeless celebration, making it authentic and unforgettable. Normally, the couple first chooses the era whose aesthetic will be represented. With that, the wedding party becomes special where the beauty of the past is drawn, and the present love and the future are celebrated together.

Key Elements to Include in Your French Vintage Wedding

Vintage Wedding Dress: Elegance from a Bygone Era

vintage wedding dresses

vintage wedding dresses

When planning a vintage wedding, you should first think about the dress you will wear. To embody the style, opting for a gown inspired by the era you’re going for is best. Not only are vintage wedding dresses a throwback to the past, but they are authentic designs that will make you look amazing.

The Venue: Capturing Old-World Charm

vintage wedding rings vintage lace wedding dresses

Choosing the venue is also important to capture the old-time style you want. For this purpose, consider historical venues that, with additional decoration, will become a time capsule, and you will get the aesthetic you desire. Of course, do your research on this venue before booking. That way, you will learn more about history and how to use the space best. It will help you choose the decor, but also the selection of the style of the vintage wedding dress itself. Given that Franche has an abundance of rich chateaux and palaces, finding a venue adorned with historical allure will be a breeze.

Arriving in Style: Choosing a Vintage Car

The next thing to consider is the vehicle in which you will arrive and depart from your celebration, meaning it should be on par with the theme. So consider a vintage car rental for your wedding, thus further enhancing your special day.

vintage long sleeve wedding dress


vintage car rental for wedding


vintage car rental wedding

Setting the Tone with Vintage Wedding Invitations

Giving a hint about your vintage wedding starts with sending out the invitations. Moreover, they remain to be an eternal memory for your guests. Since you need to pay mind to all details (even the tiniest ones), you can decide on recycled paper or a special one that captures a specific era. You can also include calligraphy in your invitations. Finally, incorporate a vintage stamp to showcase the theme further when sealing the envelope.

vintage inspired wedding details

vintage wedding invitations

Enhancing Your French Vintage Wedding with Timeless Accessories and Decor

Adorning with Vintage Wedding Jewelry

Jewelry is an accessory without which a big celebration cannot go, especially not your wedding. However, jewelry should also fit into the aesthetic you want to achieve. To that end, consider pearl necklaces or striking gold pieces that never fail to impress.

      vintage wedding gowns Creating an Atmosphere with Period Music

This is an important detail that will further stimulate our senses to immerse ourselves in the era you’ll want to capture for your vintage wedding. Explore music from that period and choose what you think is most suitable and what you like most.

Lighting for Romance: Setting the Scene

How your special day is lit is also an important element to pay attention to. Use the crystal chandeliers from the venue (if provided), as well as antique candle holders. Therefore, not only will you get a beautiful setting, but you will also awaken the romance on your big day.

Unique Experiences with Antique Tableware

Antique tableware is an essential element in vintage weddings. By using different designs and colors, including antique cutlery, you will give your guests a unique experience. 

vintage wedding decor


rustic wedding decor ideas

Floral Decor: Natural and Timeless

Disorderly bouquets created with different types of flowers speak volumes of history. Of course, you choose the type of flowers, but it’s best to match the other colors you have chosen for the wedding. Consider using the Lily of the Valley for timeless elegance and include delicate white roses on your archway.

Vintage Tablewear by Louise & Juliette


vintage candle sticks in Wedding at Bastide du Roy Provence


chic vintage bridal bouquet


vintage table decor

Choosing the Perfect Color Palette for Your French Vintage Wedding

Timeless Elegance with Vintage Wedding Colors

You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to the color palette for your vintage wedding! Firstly, off-white or cream color is the basis that offers elegance as well as pastel colors like light pink and green. You can also consider gold metal details that add richness to the decor. Finally, burgundy and navy are excellent choices for a more striking vintage style that exudes luxury.

Planning Tips for a Seamless French Vintage Wedding

Time Management for Finding Antique Elements

There’s not a big difference when planning a vintage wedding instead of the regular one. The only thing we suggest is to allocate as much time as possible for you to be able to find antique elements that will suit your theme. Also, it would be beneficial to seek planners with experience organizing events such as these.

Modern Vintage Wedding Theme: Blending Eras

vintage style wedding dresses

Compared to old-time celebrations, a modern vintage theme combines the best aspects of the past with modern times. That way, you can create a unique experience for you and your guests and enjoy the benefits of both.

Differentiating Rustic and Vintage Weddings

rustic country style wedding France

While both of these styles serve as odes to the past, their core is very different. For one, rustic celebrations are typically held outdoors, feature plenty of wooden elements, and have a very whimsical, almost fairytale-like atmosphere. In contrast, vintage weddings share similar details, though they’re more glamorous and opulent, which is why French chateaux are ideal for hosting them!

Conclusion: Crafting Your Perfect French Vintage Wedding

In addition to the elements we have listed that you should include in your vintage wedding, there are many others. Therefore, it is best to consult a wedding planner who has experience with this style to guide you and arrange the special day of your dreams.

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