A Guide to Planning Your Fall Wedding in France

Your Perfect Fall Wedding in France

As we are saying goodbye to Summer, it’s time to start getting into the fall season mood. In case you were wondering, fall is a magnificent season to exchange vows in France. The vibrant colors and romantic ambience make it an ideal time for a wedding. Whether you dream of an intimate countryside celebration or a chic city affair, here’s a guide to planning your perfect fall wedding in France. We thank photographer Tamara Gruner for sharing this beautiful fall vibe elopement with us.

A Romantic French Elopement

France offers diverse landscapes and climates in the fall. You should consider the following regions:

Paris: The Iconic City of Love

Paris is always a good idea! The iconic city of love, with its beautiful Haussmanian architecture, is a timeless setting. The weather starts to cool down, and the city undergoes a beautiful transformation as the leaves on the trees change colors. The good thing about Paris is that it has an unlimited choice of wedding venues, check out our Best Wedding Venues in Paris.

Provence: Vineyards and Lavender Fields

Known for its vineyards, lavender fields, and beautiful weather all year round, this region offers authentic charm and natural beauty. Just like Paris, the region experiences a transformation of foliage during the fall season. The vineyards turn vibrant shades of red and yellow, and the landscapes become even more picturesque! You can find our 15 Best Wedding Venues in Provence here.

Loire Valley: Fairytale Chateaux

Home to fairytale chateaux, this region offers a romantic and cosy atmosphere. The weather is cooler than in the South of France, but a wedding in a magnificent chateau, taking advantage of the fabulous interiors a castle has to offer has something quite magical about it. Have a look at Chateau Challain, one of our Premium wedding venues in the Loire Valley.

Mediterranean Coast: Stunning Beaches and Luxurious Venues

From St Tropez to Cannes, the Mediterranean coast offers stunning beaches, luxurious venues and mild temperatures until the end of November. You can’t go wrong by choosing the southeast of France. The weather in this region is the best compared to the other regions in France and for those who want a luxurious wedding, this is definitely the place to be. We handpicked the Top 5 venues to get married in Saint Tropez.

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Early fall boasts sunny days, milder temperatures and less rainfall, while November showcases autumn’s rich colors, but the chances of rain are higher. We would avoid December as the weather turns out to be cold and the leaves have all fallen off.

Even though it might be less busy than in summer, popular venues and vendors may book out quickly as the prices are more advantageous during the fall season, so secure your date well in advance. We advise booking the venue at least 12 months before.

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Incorporate the season’s colors into your décor. Use rich hues like burgundy, deep greens, orange and gold. Decorate with pumpkins, apples, fallen leaves, and candles to create a warm, cozy atmosphere.

Check out Autumn Wedding at Chateau la Carriere for more inspiration.

In that domain, French cuisine has so much to offer. Feature dishes with seasonal ingredients like mushrooms, truffles, pumpkin and hearty stews. Ask your caterer what French specialities they can make because this is something you want to incorporate into your menu. Highlight France’s renowned vineyards by serving local wines and Champagne, adding an authentic touch to your celebration.

For the groom, choose a suit or tuxedo in a darker, fall-appropriate color like charcoal grey, deep navy, or even burgundy. Tweed can be an excellent choice for a rustic fall wedding. Avoid light colors like beige or light blue.

Both the bride and groom should keep the following in mind:

  • Weather Preparation: Check the weather forecast a week in advance and be prepared with umbrellas, shawls, or wraps in case of rain or cooler temperatures.
  • Comfort: Choose outfits that are comfortable to move and sit in, especially since you’ll be dancing. If it’s raining and you have to walk outside on grassy grounds, we would avoid stiletto shoes.
  • Coordination: Coordinate your attire to complement each other without being too matchy-matchy. This can be done through color choices, accessories, or style elements.
  • Hair and Makeup: Consider hairstyles and makeup that are weather-resistant. Rain or wind can affect your appearance, so consult with a professional makeup artist and hairstylist for tips.

By following these tips, you can both look stunning and stay comfortable during your fall wedding.

Have a Backup Plan

This is a must if you choose to get married in the fall season. The weather can be unpredictable, so have a backup plan for an indoor ceremony or reception in case of rain or cooler temperatures.

If your venue doesn’t offer enough indoor space, you can pre-book a marquee and pay for the deposit, to give you peace of mind if the weather turns bad.

A Romantic French Elopement

A fall wedding in France offers a captivating blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and romantic ambience. With thoughtful planning and attention to detail, your wedding day will be undoubtedly a memorable celebration of love!