About Sylvain Bouzat

Since 2009, Sylvain Bouzat, a dedicated wedding photographer, actively captures the essence of weddings across France, Switzerland, Europe, and beyond. Sylvain takes an intimate approach, immersing himself with the bride and groom to capture their unique story and the emotions of their loved ones. This close relationship enables him to create deeply personal and lasting memories.

Sylvain passionately embraces traditional photography, often using medium format and 35mm film cameras to achieve a timeless look that endures through the years. His photos, characterized by their intensity and emotion, vibrantly capture genuine, joyful moments, eschewing posed imagery.

Aesthetics significantly influence Sylvain’s photography. With his flair for fashion and a keen eye for detail, he infuses an editorial quality into his work. He thoughtfully highlights each location and detail, showcasing the beauty and elegance of every wedding with a commitment to excellence.

International Awards

Sylvain Bouzat has been selected by the prestigious associations ISPWP, Fearless Photographers, WJPA (Wedding Photojournalist Association), WPS Best World Wedding Photographer, This Is Reportage, which gathers the best documentary photographers in the world.

All photos captured tell your story. They are custom-made and personalised because each wedding is unique and represents who you are.

For more of Sylvain Bouzat’s work, check out his real weddings:

For more of Sylvain Bouzat’s work, check out his real weddings:

Riviera Romance at Chateau de la Napoule

A Colorful Wedding at Chateau de Bagnols

A Love Celebration at Chateau de Vallery