About Mona – Marine Arborio

Marine Arborio is a French natural wedding photographer specialising in editorial, arty and documentary style.

Photography is a question of moment, emotion and personal vision of reality.
Her approach to wedding photography is more like a reportage mixing spontaneity, emotion, art and an elegant style. She emphasizes the details that seem insignificant and puts the accent on a character, a charm, an ambient subtlety.
Marine knows how to be discreet and she will accompany you throughout the day to illustrate you in the most aesthetic way.

I hope that through my reportage you will be able to fully relive this unique day but also that you will discover new moments of joy and emotions that you will have missed.
I am looking forward to discovering your wedding project.

Marine Arborio eagerly anticipates the opportunity to uncover and illuminate the story of your wedding project. If you are seeking a photographer who blends artistry, emotion, and elegance to craft a timeless representation of your special day, Marine is excited to collaborate with you.

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