To create something beautiful – isn’t it fascinating?

I would like to do it for you.

For more than 14 years as a wedding photographer, I have been honoured to capture the most important moments for a lifelong memory.

I try to find the emotion and the light, capture beautiful surroundings, and document spontaneous moments and intimate emotions.

All that allows me to create timeless and unique memories of your wedding.

I capture love, beauty, joy, elegance and all the small and meaningful details which are so important to describe and create the story of your day.

Based in Toulouse, I am available for weddings, portraits etc, all over France and the world.

Eléna Fleutiaux Bride and Groom Photo

Eléna Fleutiaux Bride and Groom Photo in Car

Eléna Fleutiaux Photography

Eléna Fleutiaux Photo of Wedding Guests Throwing Hats

Eléna Fleutiaux Photo of Bride and Groom Holding I love you signs

Eléna Fleutiaux Bride and Groom Photo