About Chateau de Bonaventure

Located in a quiet little town just an hour away from Paris, Chateau de Bonaventure stands as the ideal destination for those seeking elegance and romance in the French countryside. This exceptional wedding venue offers a fairy tale setting for your wedding weekend, blending the historic charm of France with modern luxury.

This French castle is more than just a hotel and reception space; it’s a place where dreams come to life, and the dedicated team at Château de Bonaventure is committed to making every moment of your special day unforgettable and magical.


Chateau de Bonaventure is outfitted with all the amenities you need for a comfortable and enchanting celebration. The venue boasts two beautiful reception areas suitable for weddings of any size, 15 guest rooms that can accommodate up to 38 guests, and expansive grounds spanning 6 hectares for a picturesque setting. The addition of a brand-new pool and relaxation area in summer 2024 promises even more luxury and enjoyment for guests looking to relax in style.

Crafting Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day at Château de Bonaventure is a blank canvas awaiting the hues of your unique love story. Begin with a romantic stroll through the estate’s English-style gardens, then exchange vows under the gazebo. As evening approaches, the beautifully restored reception rooms become a celebration space lit by candlelight and crystal chandeliers. Every nook of the château, from the Mignonnettes Terrace to the meandering paths, offers a distinctive setting to personalize your wedding day.

The Château de Bonaventure team is dedicated to tailoring your festivities to perfectly reflect your personal style and vision, ensuring every detail is just as you’ve always imagined.

Things to do near Chateau de Bonaventure

Visiting the Seine-et-Marne region offers a blend of cultural and natural attractions. With Paris just a short distance away, guests can easily explore the iconic city. Disneyland Paris promises magical adventures for all ages. For nature enthusiasts, the Vallée des Grands Morins is a haven of stunning landscapes, ideal for wandering through charming towns or enjoying a leisurely bike ride. This area beautifully combines the allure of urban exploration with the tranquillity of the countryside.