Romantic Ceremony in Parc Monceau Paris


Today we hear the whimsical tale of Kim & Anthony’s romantic ceremony in Parc Monceau Paris in four parts – the event, the love story, Paris and the ceremony – as told by Paris Photographer Pierre Torset


Kim & Anthony’s elopement in Paris was happening under exceptional circumstances. The COVID-19 pandemic had forced most couples to cancel or reschedule their weddings and elopements this year. Many brides & grooms were just not able to travel to Paris due to travel restrictions. Or closed boarders. Luckily the COVID-19 situation in France and the EU improved over the summer. The borders were opened again for many countries – amongst others the UK.

Couple stand on stone bridge for Romantic Ceremony in Parc Monceau Paris

Husband and wife pose in front of lake inside Parc Monceau

Bride and groom embrace surrounded by lush green gardens

Bride and groom pose in front of miniature egyptian pyramid in Parc Monceau in Paris

Bride and groom in front of egyptian pyramid in Parc Monceau Paris

Kim & Anthony from Manchester, England were so lucky to be able to travel to Paris for their elopement in August just as planned. However it was really tight. At the moment of the elopement we did not even realize how tight and how short the time slot was in which we were able to make it happen.

Bride and groom seated on green park bench

Bouquet held by bride in whites, creams and greens

Bride holding white bouquet framed by green trees and sunlight

Bride's drop diamond earrings and crystal hair pin on side of hair

Bride and groom on stone bridge getting married by celebrant

Only 2 days after their elopement it happened that the UK implied overnight a strict 14 days quarantine rule for people travelling back from France. So Kim & Anthony really have been extremely lucky. But not just that, they were also determined to use their chance and make it happen – and if you elope it’s always good to have a little bit of an adventurous soul!

Love Story

Kim & Anthony met in college where they were attending the same course. They were intrigued by each other from the get go.

Bride laughs when saying her vows

Bride smiles broadly while taking her husband hands in front of officiant

groom smiles at bride in front of wedding officiant on stone bridge

Wedding Celebrant holds small statue of Eiffel Tower with red manicured hands

view of bride and groom from behind left shoulder of wedding celebrant

A little later they went on a residential weekend retreat as part of their college course. One evening after the rest of the group had gone to bed. Only the two of them were left in the bar drinking, talking and laughing. From that moment they saw each other with different eyes and their love story started.

Bottle of Domaine de Saint Préfert Red Wine and wooden box

Red wine and keepsakes are sealed into wooden wine box

Red wine and keep sakes being sealed into wooden wine box by bride and groom

Bride and groom exchange rings

Groom places ring on brides finger

After four years together they decided to get married. There was no proposal, instead as they say: “We decided to get married following a discussion that evolved from an argument a few weeks earlier. It is quite typical and actually the only appropriate way for us to get engaged. We have been known to have a fair few heated debates over the years.”


Kim & Anthony love traveling and have been to Paris together before. They said: “We both love the city as it feels historic yet cosmopolitan and sophisticated. Paris has an air of romance and magic making it the perfect place to get married.”

bride and groom kiss on stone bridge in Parc Monceau, Paris

Bride and groom smile at the end of their romantic ceremony on stone bridge in Parc Monceau, Paris

bride and groom stand in front of black and gold wrought iron gates

bride and groom look at each other in front of wrought iron gates

bride and groom pose on Alexander III bridge in Paris

They really loved the idea of getting married in a romantic park. They said: “We like unusual monuments and statues, somewhere we can get beautiful pictures in nature with a mysterious edge to them.”

bride and groom walk across Alexander III bridge in Paris

bride and groom walking on Alexander III bridge in Paris

Bride and groom walking amongst lanterns of Alexander III bridge in Paris

Alexander III bridge in Paris

bride and groom on Alexander III bridge in Paris

So we – Pierre Torset Paris Photographer & The Paris Officiant. Suggested Parc Monceau as it seemed to fit perfectly with the couple’s requirements. As a second location they chose Alexander III bridge as it is elegant and offers a subtle view of the Eiffel Tower.


Kim & Anthony asked their officiant Laura from The Paris Officiant to help them write and exchange their personal vows and also to incorporate a beautiful and personal wedding wine ritual.

black and white image of bride holding grooms neck both with their eyes closed

bride poses alone with bouquet on Alexander III bridge

bride and groom close eyes and kiss in front of view of the Eiffel Tower

bride and groom share a kiss

bride and groom look out across the Seine River

During the ceremony the couple put a bottle of wine that they have bought in Paris as well as keepsakes. Of their trip to Paris (tickets of sights and museums, postcards, plane ticket, napkin from a restaurant etc) into a wooden box. They sealed the box and promised to only open it on their 1st wedding anniversary.

Bride and groom take in the view of the River Seine and the Eiffel Tower

So in one year they will drink the Parisian wine together. Rediscover all the keepsakes from their romantic trip eloping to Paris.

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