Iconic Russian Wedding at Chateau Gassies

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Bordeaux Bliss: Alena and Stanislav’s Magical Day at Chateau Gassies

Location: Bordeaux, Southwest of France

Celebrating Alena’s Graceful Russian Wedding in France

Welcome to a story of love and beauty that unfolded amidst the enchanting walls of a French castle wedding venue. This Russian real wedding at Chateau Gassies showcased the grace and charm of Alena, a bride whose beauty transcends words.

At French Wedding Style, we have a soft spot for weddings in picturesque places like Chateau Gassies, where love takes center stage against breathtaking backdrops. Join us in relishing the magic of this iconic real wedding, and we hope its charm captures your heart just like it did ours!

Vendor Feature: Chateau Gassies

The Story

Alena started her journey of planning her dream wedding with the assistance of esteemed wedding planners, Anastasia & Daria of Happy Moments Collector. With the couple’s vision set on a romantic celebration in France, Daria, a French-speaking planner, was invited to join the team. Fleeing the scorching temperatures of Dubai, which they call home, Alena and Stanislav sought refuge in the idyllic summer of Bayonne, ultimately selecting Bordeaux for its enchanting blend of magical wines, historic chateaux, and captivating city vibes.

The Planning

Fortunately, Chateau Gassies a stunning castle in Bordeaux, offered them available dates in July, the “hottest” month of the season. The planning process, spanning a few months, presented a challenge with many tasks to accomplish in a short timeframe. Yet, with the invaluable recommendations of the Chateau Gassies team and leveraging our experience and extensive vendor database, we assembled an outstanding team of professionals who gave their all.

The Design

Collaborating with Ludivine from LP Floral and Laura from Events by Laura, the team developed a design that perfectly blended classic and modern elements. Alena’s vision for a classic yet modern look posed a challenge, considering the castle wedding venue’s classic style. The solution involved using gentle pink colors for the outdoor setting to complement the chateau, while introducing darker fuchsia tones for the dinner. Ludivine’s idea of large floral chandeliers complemented the crystal chandeliers in the hall, adding a touch of grandeur. Opting for smaller vases and candles as centerpieces allowed us to fill the space without overwhelming the table.

Noteworthy Elements

We must highlight the technical expertise of Amoren Group, creating a luxury nightclub atmosphere for the afterparty. The couple’s desire for the best of French wines and cuisine was expertly fulfilled by Savary Traiteur. The caterer hosted from the welcome dinner by the poolside at the Chateau to the wedding reception and farewell brunch. Incorporating Russian elements, the team added a twist to surprise the guests, such as breaking a big baguette instead of the traditional Slavic tradition of breaking a large bread to determine the head of the family.

Conclusion – Alena and Stanislav’s Wedding at Chateau Gassies

Despite the challenge of creating a wedding abroad for a couple of different cultures within a short timeframe, our dedicated team made it happen, ensuring that Alena, Stanislav, and their guests had an unforgettable wedding!

Vendors List:

Wedding planning & Concept: Daria Events Weddings in collab with Happy Moments Collector | Photographer: Nastia Vesna | Videographer: Smile Emotion | Flowers: Lp Floral Designer | Venue: Chateau Gassies | Décoration & stationery: Events by Laura | Catering: Savary Traiteur | Technical Equipment: Amoren Group | Band: Jazz Lovers Events | Rentals: Options Bordeaux | Celebrity DJ: Fedor Fomin | MC & DJ: Novikovkeu & Bertolucci dj | MUAH: Mila Evdokimova | Photobooth: Happytime Photobooth | Shuttles: Atlantique Berlines

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