Boho Série: Finding Your Perfect Boho Wedding Dress

Boho Lace Wedding Dress


Finding Your Perfect Boho Wedding Dress

These days, wedding dresses come in many styles. Brides don’t have to settle for a dress that doesn’t make them feel their best on their big day. One style that’s become increasingly popular throughout the years is the boho wedding dress. Short for bohemian, “boho” refers to a relaxed style that conjures up descriptive words like flowy, dreamy, hippie, natural, and earthy. This style of dress is great for brides who want a less formal feel and want to showcase their natural beauty.

Today’s post is the first in French Wedding Style’s four-part series on boho weddings. Not only are we here to help you find that perfect dress, but we’ll also cover everything else you need to have a boho-themed wedding. In the coming weeks, we’ll be giving you the rundown on choosing boho wedding, cakes, décor, and even hairstyles.

So light a stick of incense and get comfy as we take you through a list of beautiful boho wedding dress styles that let your free spirit shine!

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Boho Beach Wedding Dress


Tips for Finding a Boho Wedding Dress

Before embarking on a shopping trip, we recommend taking a few minutes to identify your priorities when it comes to your dress. When you think of your perfect boho wedding dress, what are you really envisioning?

Are you looking for a dress that feels extra comfortable, designed with soft and lightweight fabrics? Do you want a dress that incorporates some (or even lots) of colour instead of one that’s solid white?

And of course, there’s the budget to think about.

Embrace your Boho Spirit

We get it — budgets are quite possibly the least romantic part of the wedding planning process. But instead of thinking of a budget as a limiting factor, think of it as a helpful way to identify which dresses are actually possibilities instead of just dreams. Focusing on dresses within your budget will save time and energy, both of which can be in short supply when planning a wedding. (In other words, embrace your boho spirit and give a little gratitude that your budget is here to assist in the dress selection process!)

The answers to these questions will guide your shopping process. Trust us. There are a lot of wedding dresses out there. Don’t waste precious time sifting through hundreds of dresses that don’t have the elements that are essential in your perfect dress.

What is a boho dress?

A boho wedding dress captures the essence of a free-spirited, unconventional, and artistic approach to bridal fashion. It reflects a blend of various styles, typically drawing inspiration from hippie, vintage, and ethnic aesthetics. These dresses often feature elements like flowing fabrics, lace, and floral motifs, creating an effortlessly romantic and relaxed vibe. They are perfect for brides who prioritize comfort and individuality over traditional bridal norms.

How to accessorize a boho wedding dress?

Accessorizing a boho wedding dress involves adding elements that complement its earthy and whimsical nature. Key accessories include:


Floral crowns or bohemian headbands can enhance the natural, free-spirited feel.


Opt for pieces that echo the bohemian theme, like turquoise stones, wooden beads, or layered necklaces.


Comfortable and earthy footwear like sandals or even barefoot sandals work well. For a more elegant look, choose boots or flats with intricate detailing.


For cooler weather, consider a shawl, cape, or a lightly embroidered jacket to keep the boho theme consistent.


A wildflower bouquet with loose, cascading greenery matches the effortless style of the dress.

Types of Boho Wedding Dresses

Boho wedding dresses come in many cuts, colours, and designs. In fact, that’s a big part of their appeal. This style of dress lets you radiate your personality and uniqueness.

Boho lace wedding dress

Brides who want to opt for a romantic bohemian look often incorporate lots of lace into their wedding dresses. Dresses with lace bodices, lace overlays, or lace sleeves embody a lovely, natural vibe that can make you feel like the queen of the fairies! A boho lace wedding dress is a great option for brides who enjoy a touch of elegance.

Orla lace boho dress

Grace Loves Lace

Verdelle 2.0 Lace boho dress

Grace Loves Lace


Boho Long Sleeve Wedding Dress

Long sleeves are a must for many brides who are crafting a boho look for their wedding. Long sleeves, especially ones that flare at the ends, provide a relaxed and sweet element to a wedding dress. Opting for a boho long-sleeve wedding dress can give a bride an understated regal appearance that highlights her beauty without being too stuffy.

Rococo sand Mia Long sleeve dress


Stretch Crepe Fit and Flare Dress with Beaded and 3D AppliquésSTYLE 66265

Lillian West

Boho Beach Wedding Dress

Are you and your partner planning a beach wedding? A boho beach wedding dress combines beauty with practicality. This style of dress is often short-sleeved (sometimes sleeveless or with thin straps). Beach dresses are usually lightweight to make dealing with sand easier.

What are possible bohemian elements? Many boho brides planning a beach wedding opt for a long, flowy design that looks amazing in the sunlight. Daring brides may also wear dresses with slits that are higher than traditional dresses. This design can keep you cooler in warm weather.

Shona joy Lalune Long sleeves

Shona Joy

Spell Novella beach boho dress


Boho Plus Size Wedding Dress

In recent years, many fashion houses have begun offering more inclusive sizes. Be on the lookout for boho plus-size wedding dresses online and in your favourite stores.

These dresses are designed to flatter a curvier body type and show off that relaxed, bohemian style you love so much. Pro tip: Whether you wear a plus size or not, give yourself ample time to alter the dress if necessary to fit your perfect proportions. This way, your dress is ready in plenty of time.

Olivia Bottega plus size boho dress

Olivia Bottega

willow plus size boho dress.



Have fun looking for your perfect boho wedding dress! Don’t forget to check back next week for Part 2 of our special Boho Wedding Series. Our next topic is choosing a boho style wedding cake that looks as delicious as it tastes!

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