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The Best Black Bridesmaid Dresses for a Chic Wedding Affair

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From the perspective of wedding fashion, black bridesmaid’s dresses remain statement pieces and effortlessly showcase luxury and elegance. Aside from being easiest to match, they offer versatility, meaning they can be worn at any type of wedding – if the bride allows it.

Because you strictly want black for your wedding bridesmaid’s dresses, the next step is choosing the dress you will wear. For this purpose, as French Wedding Style, we are showcasing a collection of 10 gowns from AW Bridal to help you decide. We’re confident you’ll look stunning in your bridal party, no matter which dress you choose.

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The Best Black Bridesmaid Dresses

Piano Dress

Radiate like never before in the beautiful Piano velvet black bridesmaid’s dress. It has a glamorous design with straps and an open back. Complementary to that, the Piano dress also comes with sleeves that further highlight its elegance. In this piece, you will have a beautiful silhouette thanks to the narrow waist and flared hemline.

Piano Dress modest bridesmaid dresses

Eleanora Dress

The Eleanora bridesmaid’s wedding dress is a velvet stunner that embodies sophistication with a touch of whimsy. The closed back adds to the mystery, while the elbow-length sleeves are charming and fashionable at the same time. This dress comes with a squared neckline that adds a glamorous accent. With a beautiful A-line silhouette and a lengthy hemline, this dress ensures a flattering fit.

Eleanora Dress unique bridesmaid dresses

Stretto Dress

Be enchanting at the wedding with the luxurious and silky Stretto dress. Its open-back design that ties at the top adds to the appeal, while the V-neckline makes this dress avant-garde. Butterfly sleeves play a major role in this timeless yet modern look. Therefore, the Stretto dress is an excellent choice for all modern and romantic bridesmaids.

Stretto Dress mismatched bridesmaid dresses

Leeward Dress

The Leeward summer bridesmaid’s wedding dress will ultimately enhance your bridal style. It features a modern checkered neckline and delicate spaghetti straps that add to the delicacy of your look. The sleeveless design makes this dress elegant due to the open back. The silhouette that gathers your waist, as well as the long, flattering hemline, contribute to the attractive look.

Leeward Dress champagne color bridesmaid dresses

Ethel Dress

Ethel is a black bridesmaid’s dress made of chiffon that contributes to the elegant look for the special day. What makes this gown special is the single strap that goes over one shoulder. With its A-line silhouette and long hemline, this dress will make you look attractive yet graceful.

Ethel Dress affordable bridesmaid dresses

Mary Dress

The Mary is an excellent bold-styled gown. The V-neck neckline gives a dose of romance, while the A-line silhouette will highlight your figure. The hemline comes with a slit that extends to the thigh, which adds to the attractiveness. The sleeveless design paired with thin straps that extend to the back, where they form an X shape, gives a modern look.

Mary Dress online bridesmaid dresses

Aisla Dress

Aisla is a beautiful black bridesmaid’s dress that comes with a stylish bib neckline. The halter and sleeveless design evoke a modern look, complementing the sheath silhouette, which gives a flattering and slim fit. The long hemline combined with a slit adds to the appeal but also allows for easy movement to shine on the dancefloor on the big day.

Aisla Dress maternity bridesmaid dresses

Louella Dress

To elevate your wedding style, consider the charming Louella chiffon-made gown. The V-neck neckline gives a dose of attractiveness, while the thin straps that cross elegantly on the back give a chic and modern look. The knee-length hemline gives a sense of playfulness but also allows mobility during the entire wedding.

Louella Dress short bridesmaid dresses

Grace Dress

Grace is a great option for women who want to highlight their style with an asymmetrical design. The single strap goes over the left shoulder, giving the asymmetric neckline that looks brilliantly elegant. This wedding bridesmaid’s dress is sleeveless, and the A-line silhouette contributes to the attractive fit combined with the flowy long hemline.

Grace Dress plus size bridesmaid dresses

Liza Dress

Enter the wedding with glamor with the Liza black bridesmaid’s dress made of glitter mesh. The square neckline and open back add to the elegance, while the sleeves with puffy shoulders add a dose of romance and a princess look. This combination of elegance and modern style makes the Liza Dress an ideal choice to shine at the celebration.

Liza Dress beach bridesmaid dresses

Is it OK for bridesmaids to wear black?

It is okay to wear a black dress as a bridesmaid. Due to the elegance that the color black brings, black dresses are great for any occasion. Ultimately, the choice of dress and color is a personal preference that should, of course, match the type of wedding you are attending. Black is an amazing option if the bride has decided on a modern chic affair and wants a stylish look for the bridesmaids.

Why choose Black for your bridesmaid wedding dresses?

There are plenty of reasons why you should choose a black bridesmaid’s dress. Firstly, the elegance of the color. Furthermore, it is versatile, making it possible to adapt to different wedding moods and colors. Finally, showing universal style and photogenicity makes black dresses a chic choice for the wedding party.

Is Black a good bridesmaid color?

Black is definitely a great bridesmaid color. In addition to the elegance and timeless look that we mentioned above, the black color will help you highlight the accessories as well as the bouquets that you will carry. You will also be able to wear black bridesmaid dresses again in the future, which makes them practical as well.

What skin tone goes with Black?

One of the reasons behind the popularity of black dresses is that they go well with all skin tones. Whether you have dark or light skin, black dresses have a neutral nature that will contribute to a stylish and elegant look.

What season is Best for Black Bridesmaid Dresses?

Black bridesmaid dresses are contemporary and adaptable to all seasons. Due to their timeless look and elegance, they can be styled to match any season. This makes them a classic choice for bridesmaids at all modern weddings.


The richness of the color, as well as the materials from which these dresses are made, contribute to the beautiful appearance of those who wear them. But besides the aesthetics, the black bridesmaid’s dress takes you away from the conventionality, making you your own and unique.

What is left for you to do is go through AW Bridal’s catalogue and select the dress you like the most.

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