Autumn Weddings in France

1 French Autumn Wedding Ideas Paris Fall WeddingGood Morning, today we are opening up to The Study and looking at autumn weddings in France with the help of FWS expert  Fabienne, owner of Elian Concept Weddings and Events, who is a bi-lingual wedding planner. Fabienne will be sharing her knowledge with us today helping you discover top locations and ideas for planning your autumn wedding in France.

Autumn Weddings in France

Autumn is a fantastic season. As much as I love spring for the days getting longer and warmer, the blossoms and nature coming back to life, summer for the warm days and the outdoor life and winter for the warm, cosy atmosphere, log fire fires, snow views and festive feeling, autumn has a special charm mainly due to the colours nature displays at this time of year, when the leaves on the trees slowly but surely change from shades of greens to bursts of sumptuous reds, yellows, oranges and browns.

In my eyes, the natural beauty and the variety of fall foliage is magical. In fact the season offers such a perfect palette, it can be complemented by almost anything and the sunlight is a blessing for photography. Gold, bronze or copper for a more sophisticated look for example in a woodland setting, bright fuchsia, rich reds or berry colours, warm plum or deep blue for an even more dramatic décor, as well as softer tones like blush pink or peach for a touch of elegance in a Chateau garden or a rustic chic setting. So much inspiration, it’s hard to choose!

2 French Autumn Wedding Ideas Bright ColoursAutumn Wedding Colour: Touch of Bright Pink – Source: Style me Pretty

3 French Autumn Wedding Ideas Plum ColourAutumn Wedding Colour: Plum – Source: Wedding Sparrow


4 French Autumn Wedding Ideas Soft ColoursSoft Autumn Wedding Colours – Source: Un Beau Jour

5 French Autumn Wedding Ideas Dark Blue TableAutumn Wedding Colour: Dark blue – Source: Whimsical Wonderland


Autumn weddings are becoming popular, often being more cost effective as the period is less busy, and therefore giving greater choice of venues in some otherwise sought after areas. Other regions that can be overlooked in the summer are glorious in their autumn colours and will make a wonderful backdrop for weddings.

In any case, the must are locations and venues displaying the best of the season because yes, on top of exhibiting the most gorgeous colours, the other major interest of the season is its range of food. So go seasonal with game, wild mushrooms, apples, figs, or grapes. Fruits and nuts at this time also make interesting, unique décor elements, particularly in tune with the essence of the season. Let nature inspire you!

7 French Autumn Wedding Ideas Pears Name CardsPears as escort cards – Source: Philosophy Flowers


8 French Autumn Wedding Ideas Nut BarAutumn treat table: A nut bar – Source: La Mariée aux pieds nus

9 French Autumn Wedding Ideas Wedding CakeNature inspired wedding cake – Source: Notey


Looking for the best places to hold a fall wedding in France? Well all the ‘usual suspects’ will be perfect as long as they allow you to make the most of the season as previously described and there is plenty for everyone’s taste.

City lovers

There is always Paris. Its gardens and parks display gorgeous colours, Luxembourg, Palais Royal, Tuileries, Montmartre, you will be spoiled for choice with a great advantage that you are never far from a sheltered place, if the weather does not turn out to be ideal. Cafés, galleries, monuments will happily welcome you for more Parisian treats.

10 French Autumn Wedding Ideas ParisThere is always Paris. Source: Hand Luggage Only


11 French Autumn Wedding Ideas Paris Jardin du LuxembourgJardins du Luxembourg – Photo credit: David Bacher

12 French Autumn Wedding Ideas Montmartre VineyardMontmartre Vineyard – Source: Preston Wine


Other cities like Strasbourg, Annecy or Lyon to name but a few will also make wonderful background for a special day.

13 French Autumn Wedding Ideas AnnecyAutumn Wedding Location: Annecy – Source: Pinterest


Chateau dreamers

The list is long of Chateau venues in France so it is difficult to be specific and fair at the same time. However my tip is to look for the ones that have gardens, parks or vineyards, which would be stunning in their autumnal colours, whilst providing a warm and cosy atmosphere inside. The Dordogne and the South are regions well renowned for their Chateaux, although in the autumn season the breath-taking grounds of the Loire Valley and Burgundy are well worth considering.

14 French Autumn Wedding Ideas Chateau ProvenceAutumn Wedding Chateau View – Source: Chateau de Moissac

15 French Autumn Wedding Ideas Loire valley ChateauAutumn Wedding Loire Valley Chateau – Source: Chateau du Riveau


Nature enthusiasts:  The countryside with pretty villages and outstanding views may be the epitome of the places for a fall wedding, as well as forests for woodland magic and rustic chic settings. These are plentiful in France. As a guide, look for the mountain areas (Alps, Pyrenees or Massif Central), Perigord and wine regions (Alsace, Champagne, Provence).

16 French Autumn Wedding Ideas AlsaceAutumn Wedding Location: Alsace – Source: Audrey Loves Paris

17 French Autumn Wedding Ideas Champagne VineyardAutumn Wedding Location: Champagne – Source: The Good Life in France

18 French Autumn Wedding Ideas VillageAutumn Wedding Southern Village – Source: Belle and Chic


As passionate as I am for the beauty of the autumn season and the idea of a wedding at this time of year, I won’t forget one important piece of advice: keep warm!  Romantic as well as comfortable, a long sleeve wedding dress is particularly suited. Umbrella, warm overlay and appropriate footwear are essential items to have.

19 French Autumn Wedding Ideas Long sleeve wedding dressAutumn wedding dress – Source: Glamour Paris

20 French Autumn Wedding Ideas Keep WarmAutumn Woodland Wedding: Keep Warm – Source: Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

21 French Autumn Wedding Ideas BrideAutumn Bride – Photo: Nicola Inglis Photography via Elisabeth Ann Design

Are you seduced by the idea of a fall wedding? You can also discover your ideal French wedding location with more ideas here.



Top Image:  Photo credit: French Grey Photography – Source: Style me Pretty





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