Discover the Versatility of Paper Lace Doilies

Explore the versatility of Lace Paper Doilies

Yes you have read it correctly Lace Paper Doilies are the secret weapon in any DIY wedding stylists toolkit, cheap and extremely versatile.  Not convinced?  Well dear readers let me help you fall in love with the lace paper doily as I have that will have you breaking out the glue gun in no time to make your own decorations.

Creating a Show-Stopping Doily Chandelier

When it comes to the queen of doily decorations and the Queen of weddings it has to be the paper doily chandelier of Martha Stewarts’.  Although technically not just made from doilies, the chandelier is a stunning statement piece and if you want to create your own following Martha’s how to guide.

doilie chandelierEasy and Elegant Paper Lace Doily Garlands

Making garlands out of paper lace doilies is a super easy and cheap decoration idea. The simplest way is to use circle paper doilies, fold them in half and then glue them straddled over some decorative ribbon.  But don’t forget that doilies come in so many different shapes and sizes that be sure to fold, cut and bundle them together to create eye catching designs.

paper lace doilies garland

I Do It Yourself

diy paper lace doilies

Confetti Cones: A Fun DIY Wedding Touch

Who doesn’t like to throw confetti at a wedding? These super chic and style confetti cone holders are easy to make and for a DIY tutorial visit Heart Made Blog.  lace diy cones

And here are some more cones of inspiration:

confetti cone doilies

Creative Gift Wrapping with Lace Paper Doilies

I am a huge fan of over decorating presents and not just using shop brought bright coloured paper.  After all the whole unwrapping a present experience starts as soon as you give someone the gift.  There are a number of different ways that you can include Doilies in your wrapping goodie box and here are just a few.

doily wrapping paper


doilies wrapping paper

Inspiration for Doily Table Runners and More

If you still have room for more doily inspiration, view even more gorgeous doily details starting with a doily table runner from Elizabeth Anne Designs.

doily table runner

Elizabeth Anne Designs,

doily wedding details

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