Top 5 Champagne Wedding Venues [Updated 2023]

Sparkling Splendor: Discovering the Finest Wedding Venues in Champagne.

The Champagne region of northeast France is located about 100 miles east of Paris and is best known for the production of the sparkling white wine that is named after the region. Not only is this region breathtakingly beautiful, but it also boasts numerous stunning chateaux, ideal as enchanting wedding venues! So if Champagne is your drink of choice this region of France may well be a pretty good choice for your destination wedding.

Champagne Wedding Venues - French Wedding Venues

Champagne, France

In this post, we’ve selected the 5 best wedding venues to celebrate your wedding in the beautiful Champagne region.

How Much Does It Really Cost to Book a Wedding Venue in Champagne?

Booking a wedding venue in the illustrious Champagne region of France is an investment in unparalleled elegance. The costs associated with these venues reflect not just their historic grandeur, but also the exclusivity and prestige of getting married in the very heart of the world’s most celebrated wine region. Depending on the château’s prominence, amenities, and guest capacity, expenses can vary widely but expect to pay a premium for the region’s iconic backdrop and renowned services. Opting for Champagne over other regions is not just about the venue—it’s about the allure of saying ‘I do’ amidst the most famous rolling vineyards, the promise of exquisite wine at your toast, and the charm of a region steeped in history and luxury.

Explore the Best Wedding Venues in the Champagne Region.

Now that we have you hooked on all this talk of fizz and beautiful scenery, let’s kick this guide off with a visit to a wonderful Chateau.


Champagne is not just a region of renowned sparkling wine; it’s a blend of rich history and beautiful landscapes that make for a memorable wedding backdrop. Its geographic advantage, just a short distance from Paris, combined with the vast vineyards and iconic châteaux such as Château de Saran and Château de la Marquetterie, makes it a prime choice for couples. Here, history and modernity intertwine, offering venues that suit varied tastes. As you plan your special day, considering a chateau wedding venue in Champagne means choosing an authentic French experience that is both elegant and memorable. Let this guide direct you to the region’s best, ensuring your big day is nothing short of remarkable.

We hope our guide has inspired you to look further into creating your own destination wedding in Champagne and if you would like any assistance with finding vendors in this sparkling region then check out our directory of wedding vendors in Champagne.

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