Discover the Charm of Grimaud and Port Grimaud


Exploring Grimaud and Port Grimaud - Hannah Duffy Photography

Exploring the French Riviera

It has been a while since we have had a beautiful wanderlust series feature, and we are coming back strong with this as thanks to FWS Vendor Hannah Duffy Photography we are exploring Grimaud and Port Grimaud on the French Riviera.

A Wedding Photographer’s Delight in Grimaud

Hannah: I had the good fortune of visiting Grimaud to cover a wedding at the town hall and then at a private villa in the hills. I am so grateful to the lovely couple for introducing me to somewhere new! Grimaud is a special place to the newlyweds who visit frequently and so the Mayor of the town even named them ‘honoury Grimaudians’ as part of their wedding service at the town hall. The medieval village of Grimaud is a perched village and commune on the French Riviera, just a few kilometres inland from Saint Tropez. Port Grimaud sits on the coast below.


French town hall - Hannah Duffy PhotographyExploring Grimaud and Port Grimaud Guide - Hannah Duffy PhotographySouth of France countryside - Hannah Duffy Photography

Top Dining Experience: Fleur De Sel

Top of the list to visit for dinner is Fleur De sel. The restaurant is situated in the heart of pretty Grimaud where the food is all locally sourced and so delicious! Places are limited so you should definitely book.


French bistro - Hannah Duffy PhotographyDestination photographer Hannah Duffy

Stay at Riviera Villages: Prairies de la Mer

Stay at the Riviera Villages at Prairies de la mer in Port Grimaud. I fell in love with the sweet little resort that felt more like a Polynesian village. I stayed in one of the Roka Lodges right on the beach front. Port Grimaud is like a mini Venice with four islands, channels of water and traditional pastel coloured fisherman style houses.


Roka Lodges South of France - Hannah Duffy Photographypiece of Carribean in France - Hannah Duffy PhotographySouth of France coastline - Hannah Duffy Photography

Embrace the Beach Life in Port Grimaud

Hit the beach! Learn to dive at the diving school, try your hand at archery or do as I did and just lie in the sun and listen to the soft sound of waves meeting the shore!

Discover Grimaud Castle’s Rich History

Visit Grimaud castle. The ruined Chateau dates back to the 11th century. It sits at the highest point and so the views across the countryside are amazing!

French castle - Hannah Duffy PhotographyFrench windmill - Hannah Duffy PhotographyFrench architecture - Hannah Duffy Photography

Explore the Streets of Grimaud

Walk… explore! I spent most of my time just wandering from street to street, taking in the beauty that is Grimaud and stopping for a coffee, or lunch or to pop into a shop or gallery! Following the winding streets filled with beautiful architecture is a great way to spend an afternoon.


French villages to explore - Hannah Duffy PhotographyFrench art galleries - Hannah Duffy PhotographyExploring South of France - Hannah Duffy PhotographyThings to do in Port Grimaud - Hannah Duffy Photography

Exploring Grimaud and Port Grimaud Snapshot

Exploring Grmaud and Port Grimaud Snapshot - Hannah Duffy Photography



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