An Elegant Fall Wedding at Chateau de Lacoste

Chateau de Lacoste wedding

Enchanting Fall Wedding: A Stunning Chateau Wedding in the Dordogne Region

Join us on a journey to the enchanting Dordogne region, specifically at Chateau de Lacoste, where a wedding unfolded in October. Fortunate to bask in sunny weather, the couple took the opportunity to capture cherished moments bathed in the gentle glow of autumn light.

Photographer Dina Deykun is guiding us through the Chateau’s remarkable landscape and shows us the beauty of this wedding venue’s various breathtaking locations, spanning from the Chapelle to the captivating French gardens.

”When I arrived at the location, I was amazed by the weather, there was fog on the street…”

A few words from Dina Deykun… ”This cozy family wedding occurred in one of the ancient beautiful chateaux of the Dordogne region. When I arrived at Chateau de Lacoste, I was amazed by the weather; fog on the street and the chateau barely glanced through the old gate. Although practically nothing was visible, the atmosphere was truly mystical.

Katie and Joe have known each other for a long time, but not only them… Indeed, their mothers have been best friends for years, which is why I consider this wedding to be a family affair.

The wedding began with fun gatherings: the girls sang and danced while they were getting ready in one of the charming bedrooms of Chateau de Lacoste. Meanwhile, the guys drank beers.

The ceremony was held in a small Chapelle, which is located near the castle. Then we went for a cocktail and a small photo shoot.

During the dinner, we heard touching speeches and funny stories about the bride and the groom, and as soon as it got dark Katie and Joe cut the very traditional French cake – the Croquembouche. All guests constantly chatted, had fun and danced all night long. It was a very emotional and touching wedding. I was pleased to meet this lovely couple and their family and capture these beautiful moments.”