A Tinder Surprise at Chateau les Carrasses

Nellie + Tom

A Beautiful Wedding Venue amidst the South of France vineyards. 

Location: Quarante, Occitanie, South of France

To kick off your weekend, we’ve got a beautiful destination wedding for you. This magical wedding held at Chateau les Carrasses is full of classic French wedding details for our beautiful bride and groom. And what a day it was!!

Here’s Nellie Russell-Hughes to give you an insight into their life, the planning and the magical day itself.

Sit back and be inspired.

Tom and I both live together in South East London with our little pugs Olivia and Otis. I’m Australian, I moved to London just over ten years ago. Tom is from Suffolk and moved to London around the same time as me.

Tom and I met through Tinder in early 2016, I swiped right because he had just got Otis and was using cute puppy pics on his profile to bait crazy dog ladies like me! – it worked.

We got engaged in August 2019. My parents were visiting from Australia, and we went out for dinner with his family and mine. So he proposed with us all there (plus a whole restaurant and open kitchen! He mistakenly thought he booked a private room, which he didn’t, so it was a bit of a scene).

Nellie + Tom

What influenced the style of your wedding dress?

I had no idea where to start! I had been desperate to get engaged and had been very vocal about that (ha!) but hadn’t thought much about the Wedding…or the marriage for that matter.

Thankfully Tom had thought about it and wanted a destination Wedding. So when we did pick our venue it helped me to put a theme together and narrow down a particular style of gown that I wanted to fit in with that. I wanted something that was Ivory (not white!), romantic but a little sexy, fitted to my body (that was for him!). I wanted detail but without the use of lace or anything sparkly or super busy. I am also very partial to a volume sleeve – so I thought it had to have that too!

I did most of my research on Instagram – and through stalking other people I know who just got married. It was difficult to navigate, because I kept finding things I almost liked, or that almost hit the mark – but nothing that I thought was perfect for me.

Nellie + Tom

How did you find the whole process of having a couture wedding dress made for you? 

When I realised the only way to get my dream dress would be to create it. I wanted to really enjoy that experience and work closely with someone to achieve it.

I think through my research (which was in the depths of lockdown, so it was extensive as I had very little else to do!) I found that Cynthia Grafton-Holt’s name (https://www.cynthiagraftonholt.com/) had popped up frequently. Having looked at her designs and read about her extensive design experience, I thought she would be the best person to work with! We met on Zoom and discussed my vision. We had a natural, comfortable rapport and just clicked. She took all the ideas I had and made them a reality – plus elevated them to create something so unique, and so ‘me’ – it couldn’t have been more perfect.

Cynthia knows what she’s doing, and when you’re a lunatic bride just a few weeks/days out from your wedding. she is exactly who you want in your corner. She did so much more than a gown for me, she helped keep me sane when I made last-minute changes, and decided I hated my shoes the day before… (although I’m sure she would tell you that there were one or two days where I wasn’t!) …Tom cried when he saw me walk down the aisle and that’s pretty much all the validation I needed.

chateau les carrasses

chateau les carrasses wedding venue

wedding venue south of france chateau les carrasses

chateau les carrasses occitanie

But then we had a big party! We then had a three-day wedding; we had our guests arrive on Friday. when we then had a Mediterranean BBQ in a small wooded area on the grounds of the chateau that evening. On Saturday, we had the Wedding, but everyone aside from the bridal party went to the restaurant and had breakfast together. Our Wedding started at 4 pm and finished at 2 am, and then we had a big brunch on the terrace overlooking the pool all day on Sunday.

Nellie + Tom

The weather was perfect for a pool party!

The weather was perfect for a pool party! Everyone just got to spend the last day doing their own thing – some were partying again, some snoozing off their hangovers around the pool etc. We then ordered a bunch of pizzas to eat on the terrace in the evening. We also somehow managed to drink the chateau dry – there was no beer, white or rose wine available on-site by the time we left Chateau le Carrasses (which is also a vineyard btw!). A sign of a good time.

Tom wanted to get some musicians alongside our DJ, rather than a wedding band, and they were incredible. We had only about 80 guests at our wedding, and they made it feel like you were front row at a huge festival. They were such a vibe. Unbelievable performers and our wedding quickly descended into chaos as soon as people got on the dancefloor!

Nellie + Tom

Where did you choose Chateau les Carrasses as your wedding venue?

Tom wanted a destination wedding, and his vision was to find a place where we could have everyone stay together and make a weekend out of it. Our guests were travelling from all over, so it is a great idea because it means you get to spend a lot of time with them all, without the pressure of trying to squeeze it all into one day.

We got married at Chateau les Carrasses in France.

We only saw one venue and we fell in love with it immediately. It had such a presence when you arrived that felt relaxed and luxurious – exactly what you want people to feel when they arrive somewhere they’re staying for a whole weekend.

Nellie + Tom

Nellie + Tom

Nellie + Tom


Nellie + Tom

chateau les carrasses

chateau les carrasses

How did the pandemic impact your wedding plans?  Did you have to make changes to the plan?

Hahahaha! We had to reschedule our Wedding four times. Initially, we had booked a September 2020 wedding. We literally went to the venue to pick our menu etc. and the day we landed back in London, the city went into lockdown.

With my family all living in Australia, and the borders being closed for as long as they were, it made picking a date difficult. Our venue was so fantastic over that period. I know there were so many other couples who lost deposits, or whose venues went out of business during Covid. We were so lucky that they allowed us to change the date and hosted an amazing weekend when we were finally able to get there!

chateau les carrasses destination wedding

Describe what you wanted from your big day, the things that are important to you both? the details, design aesthetics, the feel etc?

Ha! This was easy – anyone who knows me will tell you I love Ivory, gold & beige, ambient lighting and candles. So that’s basically what we went with.

We also poured a lot of time into our Ceremony – because we had already done the legal bit, we had complete freedom to do what we wanted with it. We wanted something that was a true reflection of us as a couple – nothing stuffy, or long and boring. Tom’s Dad was our celebrant, and we wrote our vows. Neither of us knew what we were going to say but when we read them to each other they were so similar. Tom and I were laughing and joking but also had moments of being deeply heartfelt and emotional.

Tom and I are very social, we love eating, drinking and spending time with our friends

We had asked people to spend three days with us abroad. So it was important to us that the whole weekend just felt like a big, group holiday for everyone without too much structure or fuss. Tom and I are very social, we love eating, drinking and spending time with our friends. We wanted this to be a party where our guests felt relaxed and comfortable, and it was.

chateau les carrasses wedding venue south of france

Wedding Vendors

Venue: Chateau les Carrasses | Photographer/ Videographer: Rita & Clem  | Brides Dress: Cynthia Grafton-Holt | Hair and Make Up: Peach Blush | Florist: L’atelier fleur d’o Grooms Outfit: Suit Supply

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