Your Dream Honeymoon – with a little help from your friends

Planning a destination wedding is the opportunity to create the wedding day of your dreams in your desired country. But why stop there, why not plan the honeymoon of your dreams as part of your guest list.

For many couples who already live together, the idea of upgrading the crockery or filling the home with even more housewares does not have them jumping for joy.  The concept of the wedding guests contributing towards the honeymoon, is not a new idea, however asking for cash can be considered crass and for the happy couple can make planning their honeymoon difficult.

This is when you can turn to a honeymoon gift list company such as Our Honeymoon Gift List who for the third year running were shortlisted in the Best Wedding Gift List category in the UK annual Wedding Ideas Awards!

honeymoon gift list

Husband and wife team Andrew and Shelley launched Buy Our Honeymoon in April 2007:  “The idea, however, first began life in 2004 as we were planning our own wedding here in London.

our honeymoon gift listDisappointed with the idea of re-stocking an apartment already bursting at the seams, or asking for simple cash donations, we instead compiled a list of adventures for our epic road trip across the USA. Our friends and family embraced our idea with great love and enthusiasm — and thanks to them, our honeymoon was the most amazing trip of a lifetime. From this, we knew that other couples might be looking for the same alternative, and we began work on creating a business out of our idea.

We started Buy Our Honeymoon with a clear goal in mind: we didn’t want couples to pay for our service out of a percentage commission on their gifts. Instead, we wanted to set a simple, fair, one-off fee for the site, and to allow couples total flexibility in managing gift payments.

Our service costs $64 (£55 in the UK).  You can open your registry as far ahead of your wedding as you wish (allowing you plenty of time to work on it), and it can remain open for as long as you need afterwards.

 Also, if you’re a couple with friends and family overseas, you can provide the instructions on your site in more than one language, including (of course) French.

honeymoon gift list france

Example of couples Honeymoon in France Gift List

 Additionally, we have a Helping Hand service, which assists couples researching and compiling gifts for their honeymoon destination, which costs only $8 for a single destination, or $16 if you’re having a multi-centre honeymoon.

Many reputable travel and tour operators also have their own version of honeymoon gift list for purchasing holidays directly through them including Thomas Cook and Virgin Holidays through Debenhams.  If you google honeymoon gift list there is a long list of service providers who are listed, just make sure to check their credentials and small print for commissions after all you are trusting them with your honeymoon fund!

Honeymoon gift lists were not widely available or easy to use when I got married, but I wish they had been as this would have been the perfect solution!  Thanks to Andrew and Shelley and I would love to hear from you if you are planning a honeymoon gift list.

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  • I just ran across this site, and I can’t help but say that I loved having a honeymoon registry for my wedding! We used this service called Wanderable, which has really pretty designs. Friends and family really liked it because they knew how much we liked to travel!