The Art Form of Writing Love Letters

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 The Art Form of Writing Love Letters with Cat Hepple



I am nearly mad about you, as much as one can be mad: I cannot bring together two ideas that you do not interpose yourself between them. I can no longer think of nothing but you. In spite of myself, my imagination carries me to you. I grasp you, I kiss you, I caress you, a thousand of the most amorous caresses take possession of me. As for my heart, there you will always be — very much so. I have a delicious sense of you there. But my God, what is to become of me, if you have deprived me of my reason?”

Honoré de Balzac

Words of love written from the heart, full of emotion and longing.

Those notes of love were scribed back in 1835, an age where letter writing was an art. It’s such a romantic image to consider, a lover using a quill and ink writing by candlelight to the love of their life, telling of longing, yearning and profound love.

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Now our forms of communication do not arrive on horseback with an excited air and hushed whispers of expectation. Our digital age allows us to scrawl a quick note to someone by text, what’s app, email and other immediate devices. The art of spending heartfelt time choosing the right words, and placing them lovingly on paper to be read and treasured, has long gone.

When was the last time you wrote to your loved one? Was it in a card? A text? An email? Do you ever write beautiful emotional love letters to on another? The other day my husband texted me “ Bought toilet roll” I laughed so much, because it’s as far away from a romantic essay of love as is imaginable. Of course married life is not all about such sentiments but his text reminded me of the world we live in, and how little time we give ourselves to really express how we feel.

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Sometimes on the morning of a wedding as I am with the bride, she will receive a gift and a card from her groom. The words in the card often reduce her to tears she will clutch the card to her as if cradling it and quietly shed a tear at the beautiful words written inside for her. The gift may also be beautiful but so often it’s those written words which mean so much to her. I often wonder if it’s the first time she’s read anything from her groom about his feelings for her.

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Written words are so powerful, they can be treasured, kept for generations. They often speak of love that may never have been spoken aloud in all its glory. Written words give us freedom, a chance to deeply express our love and feelings. A chance to announce those feelings to the subject of our desire. It’s an extraordinary gift to give to someone. It’s as if we are pouring our hearts onto the page for them to lovingly cradle and hold dear.

So let’s revive the art form of writing love letters. Let’s put pen to beautiful paper and scribe our deepest emotions to the one we love. A wedding day is the perfect chance to do this, and may just begin a lifetime of exquisite romance.

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