Wild and Romantic Lakeside Wedding Shoot

Lakeside French Wedding

Hello lovelies, we hope you’re enjoying a great week. As we are heading closer to the weekend we thought we would share with you this wild and romantic lakeside wedding shoot captured by talented wedding photographer and FWS vendor Charles Magrin.

Charlie… “I live in the beautiful city of Bordeaux, France, the perfect place to enjoy city-life, good wine and nature at once! I learned photography on my own but I constantly strive to better my craft through workshops, online courses and interactions with my many talented photographer friends. I think the journey is more important than the goal and I keep learning everyday!”

We just love the story of this entire day from starting in the sweet wooden cabin in the wilderness to the lakeside wedding ceremony full of emotion, you’ll want to elope yourself after seeing this Lakeside Wedding Shoot…Lac des Gloriettes

“Well, though styled shoots taking place near lakes are pretty common across wedding blogs, I think this one stands out for a few reasons: The main one being I only want to work with real couples, that’s why you’ll see them crying, because they love each other and I want to showcase only real emotions, even for a styled shoot.” rural wooden caravan rustic wedding invitiations

“Here I tried to tell the story of a couple getting married in a different way, that’s why I captured them from awakening in a wooden caravan until dawn at the lake.” morning of the wedding wedding morning shoot intimate wedding photos romantic wedding photos rustic bride and groom accommodation

“Another reason is the presence of a talented musician playing one of his compositions during the ceremony. I believe this kind of music is not commonly used for styled shoots and its vibe emphasises the subtle though powerful beauty of nature as well as the strong bond connecting the couple.” wooden caravan wooden caravan wedding Confidentiel Création two piece wedding dress Pyrénées mountains golden hour

“Blandine & Alex (Called Sarah and Alex for the purpose of this shoot) were born and raised only a few kilometres away from each other though they met (5 years ago), got married and bought a house 800 kms south from this location, meaning they lived for more than 20 years almost as neighbours without knowing each other! I chose them from the couples I covered the weddings of this summer because we instantly got along like old friends and their bond is one of the strongest I’ve ever felt between two lovers.” Pyrénées mountains wedding photo Pyrénées mountains photoshoot Pyrénées mountains wedding Lac des Gloriettes wedding

“The tepee, the wedding rings presentation wood board and macramé were all designed and handcrafted for this shoot by talented decorator Hortense Almeida from Atelier PIA.” ceremony decor

“I love wandering in nature, far away from the tense citylife I find these calm places the perfect locations for love to express itself and to get away from the never ending ticking-clock regulating our crazy lives. When Quentin started to play his beautiful cello composition during the ceremony, we could all believe we were attending a real wedding! The couple were reading the words they had both written earlier in the caravan and the air was filled with an intense energy that made them cry of joy and gave the whole team the shivers and watered our eyes, this is an experience I will never forget!”wedding ceremony music ideas rustic wedding ceremony

“As I love mountain lakes I chose the beautiful Lac des Gloriettes in the Pyrénées mountains – France, which was close to the wooden caravan I picked up for the prep. We were lucky with the weather: clouds made for a beautiful soft light and mist surprised us at the end of the day for a of mystic vibe that I thank nature for making it happen on that particular day!” simple wedding bands emotional wedding ceremony

“When planning this shoot I quickly realised that Quentin “Qlay” Gendrot‘s sensitive music was the perfect choice to sublimate nature’s beauty and add an extra layer of emotion. Then it’s a matter of taste of course, but the couple and the whole team loved it.” Wild and Romantic Lakeside Wedding Wild and Romantic Lakeside Wedding Shoot Lakeside wedding in France

“Take the time to choose your photographer as she/he must not only understand and capture your personalities and style but also someone that could be your friend as the bond you’ll create will make you feel even more comfortable in front of her/his lense. Video is also something to consider as it will grasp these memories in a different way.” Lakeside wedding ceremony

To see even more from this utterly romantic elopement check out this wedding film created by videographer Nacmedia…

Wild and Romantic Lakeside Wedding Shoot SnapshotWild and Romantic Lakeside Wedding Shoot Snapshot

Wedding Vendors

Photographer: Charles MagrinVideographer: Nacmedia | Dress: Confidentiel CréationAccessories: Myrtille BeckFlorist: Atelier Septembre | Decoration: Atelier PIA | Celebrant: Celebrant Blanca Bertely | Entertainment: Quentin “Qlay” Gendrot

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