Who are you?

Simply put who are you?  And I do mean you, the person reading my words and following the blog.  I have told you about me, but today is completely about you.  I want to find out more about you and why you love French style weddings.

Cymbeline wedding dress - who are youSource: Matt Guegan Photography from Gregory and Caroline Wedding

Do you have a website, your own blog where you are charting your wedding planning journey?  Maybe you are collating french wedding ideas on Pinterest, Flickr, Scoop.It!, Instagram or another resources sharing space.

Yes you do?  Fabulous then please feel free in the comments below to let me know who you are and post the URL.

Can’t wait to meet you all and find out more!

Monique xxx


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  • Thank you for all of your beautiful wedding inspiration! My wonderful fiance were planning a destination wedding in France, but ultimately decided to get married in the city in which we fell in love. We will be honeymooning in France this December and January. Your blog has kept me inspired and excited!

    I am incorporating some of the French elements I adore into our wedding decor: crystal ships, ostrich plumes, decadent desserts, slanted calligraphy… Our wedding is in December, and it can’t come quickly enough!

  • Hi,
    I’m Annelie, a Swedish wedding photographer that have been taking pictures on and off since I was a teenager. 2010 I decided to set up my own business. My dream and goal is to travel all around the world to capture the love between to people.
    France is one of my dream country and I stumpled upon your blog through Pinterest. It’s very inspiring and I love all the beautiful images you’re sharing.

    Thank you x

  • Hello!

    I absolutely love your blog. I visited Paris for the first time last year with Cat Hepple Photography for Alice and Paul’s engagement shoot and I fell in love with the City!

    Your site is invaluable for brides to be, whether they are getting married in France or looking for French inspiration for wherever they are in the world.

    Thank you x

    Thank you

  • I’m a portrait and wedding photographer based in the UK but I found and fell in love with your blog as a bride to be myself through Pinterest. Every single one of your boards is dreamy and full of amazingness i wanted to pin the whole lot! So getting a lot of inspiration from you for my own wedding! Thank you and please keep it up 🙂 Lauren x

  • Hi,
    I am a French wedding-planner (Mymoon) living in Paris, in love with England. And I need to confess, Scotland, where I have lived when I was student. A long long time ago…

    I love ideas coming from Great Britain and reinterpreted by French people or english people living in France. This mix of cultures is really a source of inspiration for us. That is why I love and follow your blog every day.

    Thank you Monique!

  • Hi Monique,

    I am Charlie, a wedding photographer completely in love with France and all of her beauty… probably inspired by my French Grandmother. I read your blog to stay connected to my heritage, even though I know this is a distant link… it makes me feel so proud and happy of my ancestry, and am in love with everything that it is! Thank you for giving me my daily dose of France and its inspirations.

    After completing my degree in photography 6 years ago and setting up my wedding photography business CKB Photography, one of my aims is to photograph weddings in France.

    Your blog makes me feel one step closer!

    Charlie xx

  • Hello!

    Scuse me for ma very bad english!!!
    I’m a french bride-to-be and i will celebrate my wedding in my lovely Provence : Roquebrune Sur Argens near St Raphaël on July the 6th

    I let you see my website, if you want something, contact me with my email.

    See U