Which season to get married in?

which season to get married in

Which season to get married in? with Cat Hepple Photography

“Are you a summer bride with visions of flower filled gardens and pretty vineyards on your wedding day? Or is your idea of the perfect wedding a candle lit intimate affair with roaring fires and winter scents floating on the air?

Having a wedding in France means you’ll be spoilt for choice with stunning landscapes, incredible chateaus, fabulous gardens and beautiful views. But deciding on the right time of year for your French wedding will require you to think about more than just how you might style the wedding according to the season you’ve chosen.

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Firstly, think about the kind of experience you want your guests to have. If you are imagining a fabulous drinks reception under the olive trees in the courtyard, or overlooking the sea from a clifftop venue, then you need to consider the potential weather and temperature at the time of year you want your wedding.

Guests don’t like to be cold, wet or blown around by blustery winds and most will seek shelter if the day is unpleasant, no matter how lovely the outdoor setting my be. So to expect a day mostly outdoors in November for example may be a little too ambitious. If you are considering an Autumn or Winter wedding then try to plan for all weathers.

I’d suggest rather than trying to arrange and hope for an outdoors wedding or reception in these colder potentially damp months, embrace the season and design your wedding day around warmth and comfort, offering cosy rooms and delicious warming drinks. Equally if you choose the summer months with long days full of light, it may not work if your dream is for a candle lit supper at 8pm, as the sun will still be streaming through the windows. So consider the wedding you really want and think carefully about the season you choose.

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The seasons should also help guide you on your choice of wedding gowns. My advice is to really consider the likely temperatures at the time of year you’ve chosen and to pick your gown wisely. I’ve covered many winter weddings where the bride has a strapless gown and is absolutely freezing on her wedding day.

And in summer I’ve had brides who are so overwhelmingly hot in their structured corset gowns they feel uncomfortable and even faint. So knowing the possible temperatures on your wedding day can provide you with a clear idea of the type of gown you might choose and be comfortable in.

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Light. From a photographers point of view this is so incredibly important. If you’ve fallen in love with a photographers work which is flooded with light and sunshine, and you want airy, soft imagery like this, then considering the season and the timings of your big day are so important.

A wedding in early December at 3pm when it goes dark by early afternoon is not going to be conducive to having all your portraits on the beach, or in the vineyards and flooded with light. So talk to your photographer about the time of year and the timings of your day. They can help guide you on how to make the most of your choices and how to get the very best photographs. It’s important to have realistic expectations and together you can work out a plan you are completely happy with.

Whatever season you choose having a wedding in France is something you’ll want to celebrate and remember in detail. Make the most of the season you’ve decided upon and plan your wedding to show off your French setting to it’s best.”

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