Belle Bride Victoria – Discussing Groom Involvement

Belle Bride Victoria - Discussing Groom Involvement in wedding planning

The year is flying by and it’s time to catch up with real bride Victoria who is today sharing her one and only sneaky look at her dress ahead of the wedding, and discussing groom involvement!

Victoria: “I am thrilled to start this article with updates from my pattern fitting. Indeed on Saturday I have met with Katrina to try the cotton pattern of my dress – to be. I was scared not to be disappointed or not to have a good view as it was just cotton but instead, I had an instant crush and felt like a supermodel !

Katrina did an amazing work, she is so talented, efficient and inspired, I am very grateful to have met her. I am following her on Instagram and all the brides and images she posts are gorgeous, which make me very impatient to try my real dress in January. She is so professional and caring, she gave me the cutest fabric sampler as you can see in the pictures below. I am sorry but it will be the only sneak peak you will see before our big day.

black and white wedding stationerykatrina tuttle couture wedding dress

I hope you enjoyed those few lines as much as I did. Now let’s talk about something very important : the groom involvement. I chose this topic because the 19th November our one year engagement anniversary, and it is time to talk about Maxime (haha).

There are as many types of grooms as there are types of brides, but it is good to know which one you are about to get married to. I was not really surprised by the way Maxime is taking part in our wedding planning. He is very specific and determined in general but does not really take initiative. After being really mad about him not being as involved and excited as I was about the planning, I understood that he had a different way of doing things and showing his excitement.

To make it more efficient and less frustrating for both of us I did all the digging and blog surfing for each decision we have to take (location, food, decoration, music, photographer…) and I submitted him my top 3 where we go to the beach and bring out our lightweight inflatable stand up paddle board. We talked a lot, he added new ideas and we finally selected all our final choices, I loved his input. I am not going to lie and will admit than over the last year planning our wedding I got frustrated and really mad at him twice. Nevertheless we love and know each other so much that we ended taking amazing decisions for the wedding after each time…

bride to be 2017 wedding planning in France

…The last one being to go to Ireland for our engagement session with our amazing photographer Ricardo Vieira. It is just 80% planned right now and it is kind of last minute but it should happen the first week of January. We are really excited about it and can’t wait to show you some pictures.

We are spending Christmas in France for the first time since 2013 and will have a lot of wedding appointments (including visiting our venue for the first time one year after the reservation + cake and cocktail tasting). I will be able to share a lot in January after our trip in Europe.

What type of groom are you marrying or have you married ?”

Victoria’s Wedding Vendors so far:

Reception Venue: Domaine du bois Saint Mard
Photography:  Ricardo Vieira
Videographer:  Julia Swell
Band:  Nazca
DJ:  Gystere
Flowers:  La Fontaine Fleurie
Bridesmaids and Maid of honor skirt: Bayi de Souza
Wedding Dress: Katrina Tuttle
Gluten free wedding cake: Helmut Newcake


If you are looking for ideas and inspiration on planning your wedding in France, don’t forget you can catch up with Belle Bride Victoria and you can find all the Belle Brides past and present here.




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