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beauty inspirationHello everyone,

I hope this post finds you all well despite the beautiful British weather!  It’s colds and coughs all round in my house, so I do find myself thinking of warmer sunnier times on a regular basis… like my August wedding!

Although things have slowed down in the prep, there is always something on the go and I have been sorting out my wedding hair and makeup.

First of all, there’s the issue of hair… I am thinking of doing my own hair.  Did any of you do your own hair at the wedding? I’d love to hear the pros and cons of doing so!

I am notoriously fussy with my hair and there aren’t many hairdressers I trust with it.  Mainly because they all seem terrified of curly hair… or simply hate it, so always try to straighten it for me.  But I love my curls, and the bigger the better!  As long as there is no frizz… Because of this, I am not very confident of finding a hairdresser in France, who I will not get a chance to know before the wedding.

wedding hair ideas

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Problem is, I have no idea what to do with my hair.  I tend to wear it curly and down.  But it is incredibly unpredictable, so won’t know whether I’ll have luscious shiny curls on the day, or a ball of frizz, or even worse, hair that’s half curly half straight!  It definitely has a mind of its own!

Then I am worried that wearing my hair down and curly might end up looking “messy” and not very elegant?  I am going for a fairly natural, shall we say enhanced version of myself for the wedding, but would still like an element of elegance thrown in.  I am happy to wear my hair up, and could still have it curly.  I guess I just need to start practicing… and find a style I like!

Make up wise, my friend has agreed to do it for me.  We had a trial session recently, and when we arrived at her house, we were greeted by this… how amazing does it look!  All I have is a mascara, eye liner and foundation…. (much to my friend’s horror!)

wedding hair and makeupMy friend managed to create the exact look I was after on her first try, so I am very pleased and excited about my makeup.

bridal makeupThe final thing on my mind a lot is food.  Barry and I have to sit down and really go through it.  But my main concern is that there will be too much food!  A lot of our friends can’t see why this would be an issue, but I’m worried people will be so full they won’t want to dance afterwards, and dancing is important to us as it was pivotal in our early dating days!

In France, you get married later in the day, followed by an aperitif with canapés, and then a 5 course meal with games and entertainment between each course. The meal therefore tends to go on until very late at night, and around midnight or so you might start dancing up until the sun rises.

what can happen at weddings

I’ve never been one to party all night, and most of our friends now have children, or simply don’t go out as much anymore.  So we’re hoping to bring everything forward.

The Mayor has agreed to marry us at 14h30.  I now need to figure out whether we can then have the aperitif around 15h30, followed by meal around 17h30/18h.  So that we can try and dance around 20h…

Also the photographer said the best time for photos in terms of lighting is between 19h and 20h so not sure what to do about that….  As you can imagine, my head hurts!

I go from worrying about it, to thinking perhaps I am simply over thinking it and it will be fine… Aaaaaaah!

The optimist in me knows that everything will work out just great on the day! For the time being, I am getting incredibly excited as my sister and fiance arrive back in the UK next month!!  We then have loads of fun things planned including my sister’s hen do, followed by the wedding itself on the 27th!  Which reminds me, I have a gorgeous multi-way dress from In One Clothing and I really need to start practicing on how to wear it!! Eek!


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