Dressing your wedding cake with fresh flowers

If you read the blog regularly, you know that I have a soft spot for edible treats and wedding cakes, from shabby chic wedding cakes to the classic white wedding cake to macaron towers.  So when I was introduced to Delicieux Cakes by Renza Vermeulen I just had to make contact and find out more about her stunning creations.

Delicieux Cakes is a culmination of three passions in Renza’s life: fresh flowers, delightful cakes and beautiful textiles.  She interweaves these three elements to create wedding cakes  that reflect the feel and uniqueness of each wedding.  So I asked Renza to share with French Wedding Style how you actually go about dressing your wedding cake with fresh flowers.


Wedding flowers are a special feature on your great day. To ask your cake designer and florist to add a touch of this on your cake works wonders.

wedding cake with fresh flowersThings to keep in mind when considering fresh flowers to adorn your cake:

The flowers used shouldn’t be poisonous.  The following link contains the names of non-poisonous flowers and those that should be avoided Edible/PoisonousFlowers.  If your guests are going to eat the flowers, they should be organically grown without pesticides.  Florists are usually in the know regarding this and should be able to advise you.

My favourite flowers to work with are aromatic roses, delicate baby’s breath, nasturtiums, violets, lavender and colourful pansies.  I love to combine flowers with green edible foliage such as mint, lavender leaves & lemon leaves. I started using fresh flowers as a garnish when I worked with oncology patients and I realised certain flowers like herbs are edible and some contain medicinal qualities.

Creative ways  to add fresh flowers to your wedding cake:

A possibility is to have a small posy resembling your flower arrangements on the top tier of your wedding cake.

Another alternative is a hand tied bunch of flowers bound with a beautiful ribbon or lace on top of the cake as a focal point.

mini croquembouche wedding cakeDelicieux wedding cakesreal rose chocolate cutting cakeFor a more dramatic look, why not add one or two tiers of polystyrene dummies decorated entirely with flowers.  This is very useful when you have a smaller wedding cake but love the idea of many tiers.

Remember never to push the flower stems directly into the cake.  You will need posy spikes that you can buy from any cake decorating supplier.

For smaller edible flowers, try this amazing supplier Firstleaf These beauties will look lovely on cupcakes, fruit pastries, croquembouches, petit fours or added to cocktails or juice.  They are very delicate, so arrange with your caterer to add them at the last minute before the guests arrive.

wedding cake real flowersFresh flowers certainly add a bit of your personality, nature’s beauty and a spark of life to any cake or dessert table. They are able to transform a cake into a magnificent masterpiece.


Thank you so much to Renza for sharing her passion and advice for adding fresh flowers to your weddings cakes.  To view more of Renza’s stunning creations visit www.delicieuxcakes.co

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