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Welcome to the weekend and I have a real treat for you today, the chance to go behind the doors of what makes a wedding at Claridge’s iconic Hotel, part of the Maybourne Hotel Group.  Set in the heart of Mayfair in London, Claridge’s is not only renowned for its elegance and luxury, but if you are looking to include a little French style into your wedding day, then The French Salon at Claridges is for you.

Tastefully renovated with fine fabrics in luxuriant blues, The French Salon also boasts original Art Deco features such as the ironwork tassels by Basil Ionides and winged Renaissance-style cherubs above the doors. It features a striking mural of a dancing couple, discovered when the room was being refurbished. The French Salon can be expanded by using it in conjunction with the Drawing Room for a larger wedding at Claridge’s.

However we all know that a beautiful wedding venue does not just make a wedding day fabulous, so I took the opportunity for a quick interview with one of the luxury wedding planning team at Claridge’s who can help you plan your wedding.

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The French Salon

For people who are not familiar with Claridge’s, the Connaught and the Berkeley, can you share the style of weddings and services that you offer?

Classic, elegant and unique. We offer a completely personalised service and encourage our clients to share their smallest preferences and ideas in order to create a truly unique experience.

Who are the typically couples planning a wedding at your renowned hotels?

Most are London-based businessmen and women, but sometimes we have some clients coming from abroad who have chosen Claridge’s specifically for the occasion.

wedding at claridges

How do you and your team ascertain the couples’ vision for their wedding day?

Before showing the rooms we like to sit down with the couple in order to understand exactly what they’re looking for, so that we can better utilise our skills and give them guidance later in the process.

Can you give me an example of a French inspired wedding held at one of your renowned hotels?

In 2013 we had one couple in particular that wanted a few things that were distinctly French: a croquembouche, a magnificent selection of French cheeses and some beautiful French wines. They wanted to recreate the experience they had when they were guests at a wedding in France.

wedding at claridges

The French Salon

With so many vendors to choose from, how can you assist your couples in sourcing vendors that match the desired vision with a high quality standard?

We recommend only the best vendors and our list serves to offer quality above all. Our clients also have the option of using their own contacts, of course.

What have been the challenges in creating an authentic luxury French style wedding in the UK?

There aren’t very many challenges thanks to the total availability of French products in the UK. Our kitchen staff is also well prepared to recreate all kinds of traditional French cuisine.

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If a couple is looking to plan a French inspired wedding in the UK, what would be your advice on how to choose a wedding venue?

Such a personal decision, but choose a hotel or location which suits the couple, their personality and their needs.

Do you see any French inspired wedding trends emerging in the UK wedding market?

There are 400,000 French people in London and we work a lot with French clients in a number of different fields. Claridge’s reflects quite well what French people are looking for in terms of heritage and history

Claridge’s, the Connaught and the Berkeley have earned an unrivalled reputation as leading wedding venues in the UK.  What does it take to be so successful as a luxury wedding location?

It’s vital to build a good relationship with every couple, to explain to them that our team has plenty of experience and that anything is possible. We’re here to sell a dream. The couple needs to be able to trust whoever’s in charge of the most important day of their lives. That’s why we’re here from the first meeting to the end of their wedding day.

What can couples expect from the Maybourne hotel group and the wedding services over the next 5 years?

We’ll maintain our desire to create a unique experience for each couple whilst keeping up to date with the latest trends.

To find out more about The French Salon and a wedding at Claridge’s contact the wedding team on email: banqueting@claridges.co.uk  or tel: +44 (0)207 409 6500.

Alternatively Claridge’s could provide a romantic location for your London honeymoon or elegance setting for your bridal shower.  Find out more at www.claridges.co.uk

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