1st Wedding Anniversary shoot in Paris

anniversary shoot paris

French Wedding Style is not just a place for brides to be, but also French style lovers, francophiles who currently dream about living in France and really anyone who loves France.  Having visited Paris to celebrate our own 5th wedding anniversary, I am always delighted to showcase others experience of celebrating their wedding anniversaries in the city of love.

Today we are taking a tour around the city with Diana and Khidhir, for their 1st wedding anniversary shoot in Paris and of course with their photographer Natalie J Weddings.  It is so wonderful to see the city through others eyes, and see new and exciting experiences around every corner.

Diana takes us through their love story with Paris: “I was in Paris alone in 2008 for a summer exchange program. While I was up in the Eiffel tower, I told myself that this was crazy romantic and I would come here next with a husband in tow!

French Wedding Style – Photography © Natalie J Weddings

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Khidhir loves winter and you cannot love winter without seeing Paris’. We thought it would be fun to do something we could bring back and share with our loved ones to commemorate our 1st year anniversary (and my birthday). We saw a friend’s engagement shoot done in Paris with Natalie and thought that it was GORGEOUS! So dreamy.

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The first thing that we found in common was our favourite movie, Before Sunrise & Before Sunset. Therefore for the shoot we decided to trace some of their steps in the city itself like the Shakespeare Bookstore. I am a natural stone in front of the camera, unlike Khidhir but Natalie made it SUPER relaxing, calm and fun! She is full of vibrance and charisma it was impossible to feel awkward.

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The first agreement was that she shoots for 2 hours but we went way over the time limit because she was just as enamoured by Paris (haha!) as we were and she kept telling us not to worry. What I like was that Natalie’s photographs to make the whole process look like a story and the end results are fantastic. We are so happy with them!’

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