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Happy hump day readers! How has your week been so far? Today on the blog, we welcome back resident expert Fabienne – owner of Elian Concept Weddings and Events, who is going to be a god send to anyone who is currently trying to create their wedding theme!

Fabienne is also going to discuss the difference between the theme of a wedding and the style of wedding, so without any more delay, let’s pass you over to Fabienne…

Today the discussion is about a common subject in wedding planning and one all newly engaged getting married in France, or anywhere else in the world, will come across at some point: their wedding theme.

I often find there is confusion between the terms Theme and Style, so let’s be controversial right from the start!

For me a theme, is the main idea or topic around which the wedding day can be centred, for example an ‘Out of Africa’ theme. On the positive side, it might ease the design and planning process as everything from the choices of colours and outfits to every detail of the décor, food, entertainment etc. follows through. However it can also lead to frustration in the process and look over the top on the day.

Reading a French Wedding Style blog post, you may already have a theme in mind, as simple as a ‘French’ wedding or many other French inspired ideas. The location does not necessarily have to lead the design of the day, therefore here are some topics that are popular wedding themes:

– Particular eras: The 20’s, medieval, 18th century
– Colours: e.g. all white wedding
– Specific decors: nautical, bohemian
– Hobbies: i.e. travel, gardening, sport, book, movie, music
– Food: wine, picnic
– Favourite places: Paris, beach, chateau
– Nature inspired: birds, flowers, season
– Fun: Circus, fun fair, games

On the other hand, I like to describe the style as a larger concept, how your vision for the day will be expressed aesthetically and emotionally to produce something unique. Will it be classic, romantic, modern, alternative, laidback, rustic? It is about creating a story and a visual look consistent with your personal style and taste.

Although I guess it does not matter as long as one does not get obsessed over it. So how do you decide and pick a theme relevant to you, or how do you define the style of your wedding?

Elian Concept Weddings Create your wedding style

Photo credit: Boheme Moon Photography

It starts with your vision. What do you imagine your wedding day to be? I often say in my wedding planning consultation, “Close your eyes. What do you see? Places, colours, textures… Let your imagination run free. What do you feel, smell?” Think about what is the most important thing for you both, you priorities for the day, as a bride, as a groom and as a couple. What makes you happy, what would you like to share with your family and friends? Look into your personalities, your styles as individuals.

Take notes of your thoughts, what you visualise, what you like and what you loathe. Write the story of your day.

Then, (and only then!) look for inspiration on how to transform your vision into reality. It is likely that you will turn to Pinterest, so let’s talk about it for a minute. It’s brilliant and personally, I love it. However… it can get out of hand, too many boards, too many pins and soon you will be suffering from inspiration overload! Instagram has also become a must go to for inspiration and with this endless source of ideas at hand, it is easy to loose yourself. Sometimes I must ask brides sharing their boards with me, to select the 10 images that are the most representative of their vision, so we can narrow down the look and feel they have in mind.

As your ideas evolve, also consider the location of your wedding, the season, the venue (when you have found it) and your guests.

Create a moodboard to organise your ideas and stay focus on the overall look. It will make it easier to maintain the theme/style throughout and to share with your team of vendors, adding details and personal touches as you progress.

Think about it as a journey, keeping your vision in mind as a guide along the way. If you find it’s all a bit too much for you, whatever the reason, you could involve a professional to help with styling and sourcing, or even at a later stage to implement it on the day.

I leave you with an inspiration board created for a French Chateau wedding. The overall style was Timeless Elegance. The colour scheme was blush pink with hints of grey.

Elian Concept Weddings French Chateau Wedding Inspiration

Inspiration board photos credits & sources:
Top row: Sylvie Gil Workshops / Erika Gerdemark / Boheme Moon Photography
Middle row: Sandra Hygonnenc & Elisabeth Delsol / Elian Concept Weddings
Bottom row: Erika Gerdemark / Elian Concept Weddings / Authentic Love Photography

Happy styling!

Top Photo credit: Sylvie Gil Workshops


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