Trashing the Dress – Adrenalin sports style!

Recently there has been a rise in the debate surrounding the relatively new tradition of trashing the dress.  Some critics of the concept have slated it as just another example of the wedding industry gone mad, I completely disagree.

For me trashing the dress is part of the closure of the chapter of your wedding celebrations.  Some brides decide to close this chapter by cleaning and boxing their dress, some decide to donate it to charity and some decide to celebrate their dress and say goodbye to it in their own style.

It makes my truly sad that these experts, instead of celebrating a women’s right to choose what she wants to do with her dress, take to blogs to bash those brides who have chosen to trash theirs.  Is it not time to celebrate a brides right to plan her wedding journey her way, her whole journey including what she does with her wedding dress?

trash the dress

I am delighted to introduce to you Deena a female ex-professional football player and her husband Paul, Director of Arsenal Soccer Schools at Aresenal FC, who did just that and not only trashed the dress but did so with some serious high energy.

The couple decided they wanted a far from normal wedding day so they headed straight to Tignes, the heart of adrenalin sports.   First of all the bridal party headed on an early morning scenic 2 hr hike around the lake collecting pretty summer flowers  for the bridesmaids bouquets.  Most of the bridal party consisted of ex-professional sports women so the pace was FAST !

trash the dresstrash the dress

…and if that wasn’t enough of a warm up this was followed by a lesson in Archery on arrival in Tignes.  Meanwhile Chris photographed the boys playing a round of golf overlooking Tignes Le Lac.

Just enough time to have a quick shower and getting ready for the ceremony, the couple were blessed with blue skies and a stunning mountain backdrop.

Next Deena showed us her seriously talented football skills, doing tricks with a football, in high heels !

trash the dresstrash the dress

Crazy airbag – climbed up a scaffolding and jumped off the crazy airbag jump – in her dress

trash the dress

After all the Crazy Airbag excitement, it was time for a game of beach volleyball – Bridal party vs grooms party (girls won!)

trash the dress

With everyone feeling a bit hot after volleyball it was time for a dip in the lake. This didn’t stop Deena, she put on  a life jacket over her wedding dress and jumped on a paddle board wading in with the rest of her wedding guests.

trashing the dress

The wedding dress had one last test of survival which required a wetsuit and helmet for the the Blob Jump – where Deena sat on the end of a giant inflatable cushion and gets catapulted several meters above Tignes lake !

trash the dresstrash the dress

I would love to know your thoughts on trashing your wedding dress, have you done so or what did you do with your dress?

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