Tour Paris in a 2CV and see Paris from a different angle

We are finishing up th Paris love session on the blog and looking at Paris from a different angle, so come and Tour Paris in a 2CV with Fabienne from Elian Concept Weddings and Events.  I have yet to do one of these, but doesn’t it look such fun!


Fabienne: “Last summer, I was lucky enough to have been invited to an event planner conference in Paris and with fellow guests we were treated to a city tour in the famous 2CV car. It was not my first time in the iconic car, neither was it my first discovery of Paris, far from it as I lived there for 6 years, but I was quite excited by the prospect.

I was thinking about writing this post while travelling by tube the other day in London, when my attention was caught by new advert promoting France. Looks like it’s in the air!

France tour

Back to the tour, it was organised by the company 4 roues sous un parapluie (4 wheels under an umbrella) and consisted of a tour around Paris’s typical sites and landmarks.

A late cloudy afternoon, our group is picked up at a hotel on the bank of the River Seine in a modern part of Paris, by a colourful fleet of open-top 2CV and their French drivers. To put you in the mood, they are all casually dressed in a very appropriate style for the vintage fun car, with typical nautical striped t-shirt from St James and a Gavroche cap.

Elian Concept Weddings2 cv Paris tourguide

We are invited to choose our car (or driver…) and I jump at the front of a light blue one with 2 colleagues and off we go. My camera is ready to capture Paris as I have never done it before: from the open-top and the window of the car. I have chosen not to worry about the angle and the pictures are shown as shot.

paris in a 2cv

First stop, the world most visited site: the Eiffel Tower.

paris tour

Then we head off to the Champs Elysees and leaving the Arc de Triumph behind we drive around La Madeleine Church.

sights of Paris

The beautiful Opera de Paris, which is one my favourite places in Paris.

Dior Paris

Place Vendome, where the most famous jewellery shops are concentrated, repairs are taking place on the Christian Dior building.

Louvre musee

Next on the way: The Louvre and its stunning glass pyramid, so controversial at the time and now looks as it has always be there.

streets of Paris

Along the bank of the River Seine, tourists and Parisians browse the bookstands. Another of my favourite sites and more images of icons.

2cv tour Paris

Notre Dame Cathedral: we are having a break. Some of us could not resist the crepes!


Following a bus advertising Guerlain’s latest perfume: La Petite Robe Noire.

bus in Paris

It’s the end of the fun. All cars meet up again and we are dropped near Montparnasse  station.

2cvs in Paris

Would I do it again? Yes, if I have the chance! Would I recommend it? Yes, absolutely. The company ‘4 roues sous un parapluie’ have an extensive range of tours in Paris and nearby regions, for both companies and individuals. As a newly engaged or wed, you can enjoy a romantic escapade or a visit of Paris by night and discover the city in a different way and with a lot of fun!”


A big thank you to Fabienne from Elian Concept Weddings and Events for finishing our Paris session on the blog in fabulous style!

But don’t despair, be sure to come back to the blog tomorrow as I have a unbelievable competition to share with you!  Brides planning a wedding in France or even contemplating it, don’t miss tomorrows post!

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