Timeless International Wedding Photography with Tony Gigov

Timeless International Wedding Photography with Tony Gigov

Following on from the romance of yesterday we are opening the doors to The Study and introducing the timeless international wedding photography of Tony Gigov. If you need any wedding photo ideas then check out these stock photos.   Tony Gigov is based in the heart of Europe – Vienna, Austria, his picture were taken with help from this St. Louis Wedding Photographer. His inspiring work had been commissioned worldwide, featured in wedding magazine publications and international wedding inspiration blogs online. Combining authentic emotions with natural settings, his style can be described as ethereal, yet timeless.

Tony Gigov Photographer in FranceWe caught up with Tony to find out more about the man behind the lens:

How did you become involved in wedding photography?

It was about 8 years ago. I was working as a designer for an advertisement agency, when one of our top clients approached me and asked me to photograph his wedding. At the time I was photographing people for the love it. I still photograph for the love of it, however now I am very happy that I can also make a living out of it.

There is nothing truly more inspiring for me, than photographing people in love!

What skills do you think that it takes to be a fabulous photographer to accurately record someones day?

It takes patience, focus and anticipation. Knowing what will happen next and be prepared for it. The couple exchanging glances or the mother reaching for a handkerchief. None of these skills are possible without the experience behind it. One of the compliments I hear most often is that people feel very relaxed in front of my camera. That’s very important because I photograph from inside the party. Weddings are incredibly intimate events, being able to connect with the subjects allows me to capture real moments.Cote d'Azur Wedding Photographer Tony Gigov

Cap Estel Wedding in France by Tony Gigov

What type and style do your brides often have?

Modern, romantic, timeless.

Cap Estel Wedding in France by Tony Gigov

How does working with a destination couple differ from a domestic couple planning a wedding in France?

I like to help my couples and assist them in any way I can. From advice on choosing a location, a florist, make-up artist or a hairstylist. Discussing the time frames and the best hours for taking photographs – usually the destination couples appreciate all input possible, especially if they fly from another continent to get married here.

French Riviera Wedding by Tony Gigov Photography

What is your favourite part of the photography process for a couple getting married in France?

The whole wedding. It’s difficult to compare, but there are particular moments which I find very touching. The Bride getting ready for example – just when she is done putting the dress on .. suddenly the whole room becomes brighter.

Or the father walking down the aisle with his daughter – probably one of the most beautiful yet toughest moments (especially for me as a father of a beautiful daughter). The bridal couple portrait session – the photographs they will be showing to their children. The love and all the emotion, from the first look to the end of the party.

01 Coted Azur Wedding Photographer Tony Gigov

What is the funniest story about being a photographer?

Once the Officiant blocked after pronouncing the couple “a husband and wife”. There was a long moment of silence and just before it got awkward, I said “you may now kiss the bride” while pointing my camera at them. Everyone started laughing, it was very spontaneous. The couple started kissing and I took some of most honest kissing photos.

64 French Riviera Wedding by Tony Gigov Photography

What is the best thing about being a photographer?

Taking a photograph and capturing a moment is a true magic. It allows to remember little things and moments long after we have forgotten them. The best for me as a wedding photographer are the people and their emotions. Everyone gathers to celebrate love and happiness.

47 French Riviera Wedding by Tony Gigov Photography

What are some little known facts about you?

  • Happily married
  • Father of two wonderful children
  • Love drawing
  • Very visual person, worked long years in the advertisement industry as a designer
  • Love food, but can’t cook

South of France Wedding by Tony Gigov

Tell French Wedding Style about your services and packages

Besides “The Basics”, there are two other packages designed to match the taste and expectations of the bridal couple. “The Wedding Essentials” has everything, including an Engagement Session and a Fine Art Book, whereas “The Album Collection” is suitable for couples who want have their memories printed in high quality Wedding Albums. All packages can be personalized. All photos are hand-edited and delivered in high resolution.

View more of  Tony Gigov’s work here and email him to find about availability and prices for your wedding in France.


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