The wedding day is here for Belle Bride Hollie C!


wedding day is here for Hollie CToday is the day!  I am so excited as the wedding day is here for our own Belle Bride Hollie C over in Chamonix.  It has been an honor to work with and share Hollie’s wedding planning journey since March 2014.  If you missed anything you can catch up here, and so delighted we caught up with Hollie early on the week as she arrived in Chamonix ahead of her wedding day today.

Hollie:  “Well we’ve arrived in Chamonix and as I type there are four days left until our big day – eek!!

After 18 months of dresses and decor, venues and favours, flights and logistics, in just a few days time, Mat and I will become husband and wife.

I know it’s a cliché but honestly, the last few weeks have been a roller coaster both in the sense of all the emotions I have felt as well as how fast time has flown by. The Hen do was almost two months ago now and I feel like it was last weekend!

In particular though, the last few days before flying out to France have been so busy. I’m sure many will sympathize with that ‘last week in work feeling’ where you try and fit in all the work you would have been doing if you weren’t on holiday. That was definitely me, add in late night “wedmin” on top of that and I honestly don’t know where the days have gone.

All the wedding blogs and magazines I’ve read advise brides to relax and get as much sleep as possible in the last couple of weeks before the wedding but I’m here to tell you, that that is easier said than done.

There was one night last week, I’d had a particularly stressful day at work so wasn’t feeling on top form. Then I got a wedding related email, that in itself was fairly innocuous but for whatever reason it sent me into a panic, cue sickening stomach churn followed by frantic phone call to Mat.

Luckily I had arranged to meet some friends for dinner that evening so was able to take my mind off the “wedmin” for a few hours as we put the world to rights and (thankfully) spoke about anything and everything, except the wedding (and yes it’s ok to feel like that.)

However, as soon as I got home I found myself return to my earlier state of…well actually I don’t even know how to describe it, I was just frustrated for no specific reason.

Thank heavens for Mat who is always my voice of reason in moments like this; “shall we go downstairs and get a cup of tea?” He said.

90 minutes later, it was almost 1am and I’m still talking…! Mat was still there patiently listening and chipping in here and there with wonderful wise and reassuring words until eventually I think I wore myself out and decided to head to bed.

The next morning, I woke up and you know what?

I felt great!

At the time I felt so wound up and worried, but looking back on it the next day I think it was just a case of everything having built up over a busy few days and I just needed to let it all out.

Once I’d done that, I felt great.

So much for heeding the words of advice about getting as much sleep as you can before the big day though!

What have I learnt from it though?

Well I would agree yes, do try and get plenty of sleep in the last few days before the big day but equally don’t feel guilty or stress out if you don’t.

real bride hollie

You’re only human, so look after yourself in whatever ways you can, be kind to your skin, have a hot bubble bath, get a massage or do some yoga, even if it’s only 10 minutes a day.

There will be someone there for you to listen if you need it, use that person, it’s what they’re there for and trust me they’ll be happy to help!

I think one of the best decisions we made though was to fly over so many days in advance of the wedding, as it’s given us enough time to relax and get into the Chamonix vibe as well as getting the last of the wedding preparations done without any time pressure.

So on the agenda over the next couple of days….a hair trial tomorrow, followed by a meeting with Monica our wedding planner on Thursday to run through details, including a trip to the florist which I’m so excited about! And then Friday we meet with Charlie our celebrant for a venue visit and quick ceremony rehearsal.

chamonix wedding venue

Steph, my Bridesmaid said to me on the plane coming over; “what do you think it will be that makes you suddenly feel as though it’s all real and that it’s actually going to happen?”

And my answer was that I think it will be when all our friends and family arrive.

It’s not so much the details of the day although it’s incredibly important for me to see everything successfully come together, but actually when we start seeing all our friends and family in one place together, and that that place isn’t England – I think that’s when it’ll really dawn on me that we’re getting married.

Friends we know from school, from work, friends who live far away and that we may not have seen for several months, not to mention relations dear to both of us, and that’s what I’m looking forward to now.

Just writing about it now brings back those familiar butterfly feelings that have been my guide during so much of this process and so for now, as I sit and write on our first night back in Chamonix, 4 days away from the biggest day of our lives, I’m going to continue to trust in those butterflies and where they might take me over the next few days and I’m going to make sure I enjoy every single second.”

All that is left is for me to wish Hollie and Mat such a wonderful day and congratulations as you become husband and wife.  And be sure to check back soon for all the pictures of the big day.

Hollie’s Wedding Suppliers so far:

Planner: Haute Weddings
Venue:  Les Vieilles Luges
Photographer: Tarah Coonan
Videographer: Adam Johnston

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