The pot of gold needed for a fairytale wedding

You have found your Prince Charming, started to research to find your fairytale wedding castle and then in a flash – feel like Cinderella who can’t go to the ball when you realise the size of the pot of gold needed to fund your dream wedding.

For today’s post imagine me as the cute storyteller lady with specs on the end of her nose, as I am going to leave the real weddings and inspiration behind and talk about the boring, but necessary conversation of paying for weddings.

I know some people don’t like to talk about money, but if we are all sitting comfortably I will begin……

pot of gold fairytale wedding


I don’t think that anyone actually comprehends how much it costs to get married, unless you have been married before or work in the industry.  Even with experience, my imagination was the creative leech that kept dipping into our wedding pot.

However there are some simple steps that you can take to make sure that your pot of gold doesn’t run dry before the wedding day.

Open a Savings Account as it is easier to have your gold all in one pot, where the lovely bank fairies might help it to grow as well.  In the non fairytale land that we all live in, it can be a job in itself to keep on top of your household expenses, bills and have contingencies for those unexpected house situations that always occur.  For simplicity and your sanity, set up a savings account when you get engaged, that way you can watch as your pot of gold grows and when the time comes to start spending on the wedding, it is completely separate from your current account.

Another option to the traditional savings account, which depends on how long it is until you are planning your fairytale wedding, is to look to find the best cash ISA.  If you are unfamiliar with Cash ISA’s they still allow you instant access to your pot of gold, but you don’t pay any tax on the interest that you earn and your pot of gold can grow more.

(Changed to wise old sage) Planning and paying for a wedding can be stressful, so why not visit your local bank or look online to see how you can sprinkle a little fairy dust on your pot of gold to help it grow just a little bit bigger.

(Back to old storyteller lady)

The moral of this story – if you don’t have a fairy Godmother to magically fill your pot of gold, be sure to take care of the gold that you have saved.  Remember the fairytale ending is marrying your Prince Charming not the size of the pot of gold that you have spent on the big day

The Storyteller lady (aka Monique) xx

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