The many colours of marriage: Gay Marriage in France

Today on the blog I am looking at gay marriage in France and specifically the recent changes.  If you are planning a wedding in France there are many legalities that I have talked about before in The Study, but if you are a heterosexual couple considering a wedding in France the answer was “no”.

Although France decriminalized homosexuality in 1791 ahead of many other countries, the legalizing of gay marriage has not made any steps forward until recently.    So what has happened and where is the situation now?

gay marriage in france

Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld has supported the legalization of gay marriage in France by sending two brides down the catwalk. His godson, Hudson Kroenig, four, clutched the hand of one of the models


Following on from public marches through Paris and other major cities both for and against the new laws, French MP’s in the National Assembly in Paris have approved a bill to legalise gay marriage and allow same-sex couples to adopt children. This is a major step forward in the legalisation of same sex legal weddings, but it is not law yet.  The bill now goes to the Senate this Spring where many predict that it will become law later on this year.

The specifics of the new bill include redefining what marriage is, as an agreement between two people and not just a man and a woman.

If the bill is passed, France will join neighbouring countries such as Netherlands, Belgium and Spain where gay marriage is legalized.

gay marriage for all

Jack Lang, center, a former French culture minister, and Pierre Bergé, second from left, the longtime personal and business partner of Yves Saint Laurent, at a rally for a law allowing same-sex marriage. The sign reads, “Marriage for all!” – NYTimes

I for one believe in love in the many guises that it appears in and so I am in favour of this bill for marriage and the potential impact on a family unit.  The concept of Family has changed dramatically  in the last decade with terms such as ‘blended families’  and ’emancipation’ becoming the more common rather than the exception.

Family units no longer have to be held together by blood and indeed with adoption and surrogacy on the rise, it is not a factor many people have the option of.  A family unit can be represented by just a couple in love, indeed our family unit that I refer to is Mr Trulove and I and our two cats.  We are close to our extended family, but this is our family unit that I am Queen Bee of!

gay family

Source – Zazzle.com

If two people have the deep seated love needed for marriage and a wish to start their own family unit, then love rather than gender should be the deciding factor when celebrating marriage.

So what does this mean for planning your heterosexual wedding in France?

If you are planning a destination wedding, then you are still likely to fall under the same restrictions as any other destination wedding in France, strict legalities for non residents.

However like so many other destination weddings to France, where the actual legal ‘wedding’ takes place before/ after the marriage celebrations in France, there is nothing to stop you donning your wedding cap and starting to plan your celebration!

Monique xx