Vital support for females when exercising – sports bras!

As part of Dukan Diet, exercise is compulsory not optional and I really like this.  As I mentioned in my last shedding for wedding dress diet post, I have found a place that I love to exercise and I am even looking forward to it.  I have had a minor set back yesterday as I hurt my knee slightly, so rested yesterday and went up to my wood for a little slower walk today – no running though I am afraid.

So how are the numbers:

Weight:      13st 7lbs (-11lbs)
Chest:         46″
Waist:         41″
Hips:          46.25″

Exactly the same!  In the last 5 days the scales have barely moved and I am at sticky weight again.  I have increased the water and written down what I am eating to make sure that I am not cheating oblivious and just have to keep in mind that it will start moving down again soon.

As I am now exercising and plan on continuing to do so I thought that I should take a look at some of the fitness clothing and equipment that I am using, starting at the foundations – the sports bra.

When it comes to shopping for clothes and lingerie it should be a joyful experience, with your treasured finds being carefully wrapped and placed in chic bags.  Unfortunately the sports bra doesn’t fit into this category and so I am ashamed to say it is at the bottom of my list of things to buy.

sports bra adviceIn order to put some perspective on why sports bras are so important I decided to ask the experts at Panache Lingerie.  Panache: “Repetitive bouncing through exercise can stress, stretch and irreversibly damage the cooper’s ligaments; the connective tissue that holds up and maintains the shape of your breasts. Damage here can cause your breasts to sag and droop. By properly supporting your breasts during exercise, the aim of a sports bra should be to reduce movement in all directions, helping to keep your breasts in great shape whilst avoiding any pain or discomfort. “

I don’t know about you but this really scared me that I was trying to get myself fit and healthy I could also be damaging myself unintentionally, especially if you have an ample bosom. I have been professionally fitted for bras before, but never a  sports bra  so what is the difference and how do you choose the best sports bra for you?

black sports brasExperts at Panache Lingerie: “There are a selection of key points that should be looked out for when choosing a bra in order to reduce the bounce motion when exercising: Wide padded straps to disperse pressure giving extra comfort; smooth moulded inner cups that can reduce friction & add to the overall comfort; firm under band to anchor the bra to the body; super smooth shape with flat seams; lightweight micro-fibre fabric which wicks moisture away from the skin and breathable mesh panels to keep skin cool; adjustable straps for a secure fit; padded hook & eye for cushion comfort. The Panache Sports Bra offers all of these things as well as offering a racer back option providing more freedom of movement and under-wires wrapped in silicone, sewn between fabric layers for comfortable support.

Fit is also extremely important when it comes to choosing any bra and sport bras are no different. If you are trying a new brand or style, Panache Lingerie always recommends being fitted by a trained professional to make sure you are 100% comfortable in the product you are wearing especially when exercising.”

Here are some measurements to help when choosing the right bra size:

Sport Bra 5021 Sports Bra UK 28 DD-H EU 60 FR 75
UK 30 D-H EU 65 FR 80
UK 32 C-H* EU 70 FR 85
UK 34 B-H* EU 75 FR 90
UK 36-38 B-H* EU 80-85 FR 95-100
UK 40 D-GG EU 90 FR 105
5024 Short UK 8-20 EU 34-46 FR 36-48

I also had a question about care of sports bras and duration.  I know it sounds silly, but are they like mascara, once used they should be renewed after a certain time frame?

Panache experts: “Garment Care of your Sports Bra is equally important. We recommend hand washing your sports bra in warm water after every wear, using no bleach, to not put it in the tumble dryer or iron, as we would with all lingerie. The recommended length of time to wear your sports bra will vary depending on the intensity of your exercise, what length of time you are training for, whether this is every day or once a week. But we would say that if you are exercising every day, then as with other lingerie you should look at purchasing a new sports bra after six months of use.

You might not know where to start when look for a sports bra, but the main point when selecting a Sports Bra is that you are comfortable, you are encapsulated and supported to make sure you are not irreversibly damaging your bust.”

Panache Lingerie have a great sports wear ranges which includes matching sports sets, visit their website to browse their range.

And without being to personal, I am off to invest into supporting my bosom this weekend!

Monique x x

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