Stepping Out from Behind a Pseudonym

It seems like a lifetime ago when French Wedding Style was first conceived, back when wedding blogs were a relatively new entity and Facebook and Twitter where the only social media channels to be concerned about – told you it’s been a while.

Back then I was employed full time in my professional marketing position, including being heavily involved with social media. As French Wedding Style grew from an idea to becoming a reality, I had a choice to make about managing the blog and with pseudonyms and nicknames being common place amongst bloggers, I created an alter-ego, Monique Mariage who then changed to Monique Trulove.

As I look back now, it was a dilemma but it didn’t seem out of place in the blogging industry and so Monique came to life.

Well when I say life, Monique was for the first 4 years only an artists sketch of me.

However over time and the more I came out from behind the screen, attending real life events and people wanting to work with me directly, I began to feel more awkward. Due to many collaborations and consultancy commissions people knew my name, Laura Payne-Stanley, but making referrals or in person, they never had a clue what to call me.

Heck, I myself stumbled many a time trying to explain who I was, and the relationship between French Wedding Style and my coaching and consultancy work.

So with French Wedding Style becoming Styled Media Ltd, I decided it was time to put on my big blogger pants and say proudly that I am Laura Payne-Stanley, the person behind the blogger Monique Trulove.

So what does this mean going forward – well, really nothing!!

Monique is the French fanciful side of my alter-ego that I love having as the founder and Editor behind French Wedding Style, and Laura is the authentic me who provides coaching and consultancy to bloggers, wedding professionals and businesses.

So that is all really.

Here is to the next amazing era of French Wedding Style and don’t worry, call me Monique or Laura I am sure to answer!