Simply Stephanie – Summer Weddings and Mr Darcy

Wow, happy Friday lovely FWS’ers! So far, it seems that June is trying to be a bit more summery in Europe, so lets hope that this trend continues so that we actually have a summer!

And as we welcome Belle Bride Stephanie back to the blog, weddings and all things summer are high on the agenda.

Over to Stephanie…

Happy June, y’all!  I can just feel the Summer Season quickly approaching, but maybe that’s because this past Memorial Day in Chicago we tied an all-time record high temperature of 97 degrees Fahrenheit (36 degrees Celsius). So yes, it certainly feels like summer – or at least like I am back in sunny Orlando, Florida.  Haha!

You know it’s funny, sometimes I think about why Greg and I didn’t decide to tackle a summer wedding or get married in Orlando (both, after all, were involved in our first meeting), but… then I feel the first wave of summer’s humidity and I quickly remember why we decided not to.  Don’t get me wrong, we have absolutely nothing against the warmer temperatures or these popular summer months.  In fact, I love them!  My parents’ wedding anniversary is actually the “First Day of Summer” believe it or not (Happy (early) Wedding Anniversary, Mom and Dad!).  I just know deep down, the summer wouldn’t have worked for the two of us wedding-wise.

Then again ….  *Glances at the photograph below*

Belle Bride Stephanie and Greg Summer 2010

Me, drinking a mojito, while Greg fans me with a palm branch at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park’s Dawa Bar, Summer 2010

Hmmm … tempting… but, no.  Plus, Greg’s brother is getting married this month in Krakow, Poland (Congratulations, you two!).  So that would have been tricky.

Though, I would be lying if I didn’t share the thought I had about two brothers getting married at the same time.  Think, the end of the BBC television series *SPOILER ALERT* Pride & Prejudice, where Lizzy and Jane (sisters) get married at the same time, in the same church.  Awww!  See movie still below:

Belle Bride Stephanie and Greg Pride and PrejudiceScreencap: Fanpop.com from the BBC version of Pride & Prejudice, 1995

Gosh, I’m such a sucker for Mr. Darcy/Colin Firth.  But then again, who isn’t, right?

Anyway, let’s get back on point ….

Truth be told, I am actually REALLY looking forward to attending my future brother-in-law’s summer wedding! Not so much for the heat, but I am super excited to experience Polish wedding traditions firsthand.

One of the first things I did for our wedding planning process was to read up on Polish, Austrian, American and French wedding traditions.  Actually, it was my best friend (who I met in three (3)-year-old Pre-school) that got me started on this “wedding traditions” reading journey; she lent me a book all about them.  So after discussing all the crazy things I discovered with Greg, we decided that it was very important for us to include at least one wedding tradition from each of the cultures that we have ties to.

However, to not spoil the details of what specific traditions we chose, we won’t continue to delve any deeper into the subject.  Just know that much reading and research occurred, and that we plan on giving each culture a brief moment to shine, in one way or another!  Don’t worry!  We’ll share photos when the time comes.

In the meantime, if you’d like to implement some cultural nods of your own on your own wedding day, might I suggest starting your research here at French Wedding Style!  There are two articles on French wedding traditions: http://www.frenchweddingstyle.com/french-wedding-traditions/ and http://www.frenchweddingstyle.com/10-french-wedding-traditions/. They were great!  Very insightful.

Now, as I mentioned back in our introduction (Gosh, I really do feel like I wrote that only yesterday), we chose the season of AUTUMN for our wedding.  This was primarily because our favorite Skype dates involved fall traditions such as carving pumpkins, making apple cider, and preparing our Halloween costumes.  Actually let’s pause, and take a moment to re-live an old, Halloween screenshot favorite (Courtesy of Skype):

Belle Bride Stephanie and Greg Google Maps

Proving long distance can’t stop the Halloween costume fun… the “Google Maps” couples’ costume.

Seriously, Greg and I have had some stellar Skype dates – specifically fall ones.  We also started dating in the month of September, so I guess that about sums it up why the Fall Season felt like a perfect fit.

So now that the Summer Season is literally right around the corner, it is also starting to sink in that Greg and I are now only ONE season away from our wedding!  EEEK!

This brings me to announce, the most exciting news so far in our post history – WE OFFICIALY HAVE A WEDDING DATE! Can I get a WOOT-WOOT!?!

Ladies and gentlemen, we will be having our wedding this October 2018.

Seriously, it took us forever to finalize the venue contract.  But now, it’s done and we have a confirmed date. Yippee!

To the surprise of some we chose to go the non-traditional route with our date.  We decided to book a week-day wedding versus the traditional weekend affair.  I guess it won’t spoil too much if I say the particular day of the week we chose was primarily due to one of those cultural nods we talked about before.

We also felt like since all our Guests will have to travel very long distances to get to us, that maybe it would also make the most sense from a “taking off work” / “adjusting to a new time zone” standpoint to have our ceremony on a weekday.

So now that our date is secured we will definitely have more to share about vendors in our next post.  But until then, check out all the progress we’ve made since last time!  See lists below:


  • *** Wedding Venue contract signed and our date is officially secured!***
  • Bride’s Wedding BandFriends, I am gushing over this ring I found to pair with my engagement ring designed by Greg! This moment was far more emotional than any of wedding dress shopping has been.  Maybe it’s because I will be wearing this set the rest of my life versus one day? I don’t know; I am just super happy about it!
  • “Book Now” Cards, e. “Save the Dates” have been ordered and are on their way!
  • Our Wedding Website



  • The Bride’s DressIt came in the mail May 17th, but it will need some alterations which may be tricky. Stay tuned! I have until June 17th to make up my mind since they honor returns (Such a selling point for me).  I’ll update you all in my next post.
  • Catholic Church documentsWe are only two documents away! Right on target for our July deadline.
  • Visiting the local Mairie (again) with official documents and certified translations
  • Digital Invitations (Yes! Digital!)
  • Groom’s Wedding Band and Suit (Krakow, Poland here we come! Literally, I am flying out very soon)
  • Vendors (e. Florist, Photographer, DJ, Baker)
  • Bridal Party (Almost complete!)
  • Group Airfare and Travel Insurance for our Guests


  • Bride’s wedding day accessories
  • Groomsmen attire
  • Ground Transportation for our Guests
  • Welcome Gifts/Packets/Maps
  • Timeline/Ceremony Handouts
  • Reception Decorations
  • And much, much more!

As always thank you for reading everyone!  See you later this summer after I return from France and Poland!

Thank you Stephanie! You can follow all of her journey here as she shares her wedding planning adventures.